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BlizzCon 2021 Is Just A Few Days Away And Here’s What To Expect

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Blizzard Entertainment finally unveiled their upcoming schedule for BlizzCon 2021 which will be a live stream event this coming February 20 to 21. As for the show’s format, it looks like Starcraft, Overwatch and Hearthstone aren’t getting much hype for this year’s BlizzCon.

However, World of Warcraft is still doing quite well over their Shadowlands expansion and fans are mostly getting excited with what’s for Diablo and Overwatch 2 since these two titles have been silent for a while. We’ll be highlighting possible updates regarding these games.

Will Overwatch 2 Make A Comeback This Year?

It’s been a long time since Overwatch 2 debuted its trailer last November 2019 and finally we are getting the updates regarding the game.

Judging from the trailer that they released around 2 years ago, we’ll probably get more in-depth gameplay with their new replayable PvE co-op game modes. 

But players might still be occupied with the recent Valheim hype over at Steam since this early access survival game somewhat has PvE elements so it’s going to be a challenge for Blizzard to lure the players back to the Overwatch universe. 

The first game is still getting constant updates though and there are still almost a million gamers actively playing.

Leaks Suggest That A Diablo Remaster Is Coming

While the majority of Blizzard fans are looking forward to Diablo 4 and the Diablo Immortal mobile game, there has been other news circulating that Diablo 2 will be getting a remaster as per Bloomberg and this Twitter user mentioned it again this week.

Liam O’Brien and Laura Bailey of Critical Role, who are voice actors who have worked on World of Warcraft, will also lead the Diablo One-Shot for BlizzCon unveiling updates regarding the new developments.

For those who are not familiar with Critical Role, they are a group of voice actors who do daily D&D, podcasts and other tabletop content over in their Twitch channel. Having them spearhead the Diablo One-Shot is going to be a treat for tabletop fans.

You can view the full schedule here and set your alarms so you don’t miss on updates on your favorite games once the live stream starts.


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