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If you’re like most people in today’s high-tech world, your Android smartphone has become a key part of daily life. This is an exciting time for smartphone technology, as every new Android device is jam-packed with increasingly powerful hardware and dozens of new features. Unfortunately, these improvements tend to come with a major trade-off in the form of shorter battery life.

Bigger and better screens, cutting-edge applications, and faster processing can take a toll on the battery of any device. Thankfully, there are some simple and effective tips on how to save phone battery for Android phones.

If you’re wondering how to save phone battery for your new Android device, then you’ve come to the right place. To help our readers, we’ve curated a list of useful tips and tricks that will help you squeeze out a few more hours of battery life – Phoneaholics rejoice!

1. Use Dark Backgrounds & Wallpapers

Believe it or not, one of the quickest ways to increase battery life is using a combination of dark backgrounds and power-saving mode. Many modern Android phones use OLED screens, which are great for high-resolution viewing but pretty terrible for battery life.

Utilising dark wallpaper, a darker coloured system theme, or night mode for compatible apps can go a long way towards increasing battery efficiency. For example, a power-saving mode is a great option, as it limits your device’s processor activity and reduces screen brightness at the same time. Best of all, unless you are trying to use multiple demanding apps at once or view your screen in direct sunlight, the changes are barely noticeable.

Not to mention you may get a few more years out of your eyesight by reducing screen brightness!

2. Delete Unused Apps & Widgets

It’s a simple fact. The more unused apps or widgets on your device, the more power your phone has to use in order to keep their services running in the background. Dedicating precious resources to services you use every day isn’t a big deal, but doing the same for apps you barely use can quickly drain the battery.

Sorry Tinder. You’re only required at the weekends.

To fix this issue, make a list of all the apps and widgets you barely use. Whilst those cool photo editing apps might be great in the moment, you’re probably using them only once or twice a week (maybe even less!). Yes, deleting apps may feel like a big jump, but thanks to the widespread availability of WiFi and lighting speeds of 5G to follow soon, if you find yourself wanting to use one of these apps, you can simply download them again.

3. Go “Off The Grid” With Location Services

Going “off the grid” – when individuals live reclusive lifestyles with little access to public utilities or even GPS data – has become a bit of a silly stereotype thanks to movies and TV shows. However, there is something to be said about taking some time away from certain modern conveniences.

We’re not suggesting that the best way on how to save phone battery life is to place your phone in the drawer and go outside. No, we’re a gadget reviews website and you should play more! Instead, consider disabling location services entirely.

This can feel like a reclusive step to take, especially when considering all of the location-based services (think Google Maps, ride-hailing apps like Uber, and other) provided by modern smartphones. However, keeping location services on all the time will quickly chip away at your phone’s battery life. For starters, consider disabling location services for every app that doesn’t really need them in the settings menu.

To become a power user, try keeping location services switched off until you need to use an application like Google Maps or Uber. You’ll be surprised at just how much this extends the daily battery life of your Android phone.

4. Manage Automatic WiFi & Cellular Data

Similar to the battery drain presented by location services, keeping automatic WiFi roaming and cellular data features on when not in use can quickly kill your battery. If you’re using an updated version of the Android operating system, you should be able to easily toggle WiFi and cellular data services on and off.

In the case of cellular data, doing so could save you both battery life and money. Most Android users are shocked to learn that many applications will eat up cellular data in the background when not in use. For those without unlimited data plans, this can cost you cold, hard cash in the long run.

5. Silence Unwanted Notifications

If you’re like most of us, you deal with plenty of unwanted or useless push notifications throughout the course of a single day. Luckily, there’s good news, as ridding yourself of these spam-like messages can save both your Android battery and your sanity.

To determine which notifications you should silence, start paying attention to the notifications you receive. Ask yourself whether you really need to know about every time someone posts to social media or the dozens of emails you receive throughout the course of a day. If you don’t really need to be notified about these things as they happen then opt for silencing unwanted notifications in the settings menu.

6. Avoid Fast Charging Whenever Possible

The convenience of being able to charge your phone for less than 30 minutes and get all-day battery life is unmatched. However, using fast charging every day can quickly stress the battery. Unless you truly need the speed of fast charging, try to avoid it.

In fact, it may surprise you to learn that in many cases the slower a battery charges, the better. While fast charging won’t immediately impact the health of your device’s battery, it impacts are worth keeping in mind if you plan on keeping your current Android phone for a number of years.

How To Save Phone Battery Roundup

In today’s world, we rely on our smartphones for just about everything, which can make the realities of a short battery life frustrating. Using these simple tips and tricks, you can start extending the battery life of your Android smartphone today.

Above all else, consider dimming your screen and turning off the services you aren’t using. These two basic steps can go a very long way towards making sure you don’t get stranded with a dead smartphone battery at the end of the day.