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BTBAG Review – The Most Versatile Backpack?

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BTBAG Quick Review


BTBAG is an expandible backpack that allows you to carry anything and everything you need for traveling, camping, business trips, or daily life. Depending on your situation and how long your trip will take, you can increase its capacity from 15L to 70L. So forget about packing dilemmas and leaving other stuff behind. With this bag, you’ll have all the space and storage you want.



  • Up to 70L capacity
  • Water-repellent features
  • Plenty of storage spaces and pockets


  • Only available in one color

Many people, including us, have different bags for different purposes. There’s a bag for work, travel, hiking, camping, gym, and everyday use. Sometimes, you might change bags because your attire demands something more formal and discreet. So you end up with all these selections and varieties, carrying one bag after another. Don’t know about you, but this has become quite a hassle and a lot of baggage.

So when we heard about the BTBAG, which is said to be the “World’s first all-in-one 70L capacity expansion backpack”, we were instantly hooked. It’s not every day that you see a bag that can go from business to travel in just seconds. Not to mention that it can fit literally everything you need to carry. Let’s learn more about this new backpack here.

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BTBAG is a backpack designed for all situations. From travel, business, work, to daily use, this is the only bag you will need. This is possible due to its convertible design, which allows you to customize the bag according to your needs. So with it, you don’t have to carry or own multiple bags anymore.

Sure, multipurpose bags and expandible bags aren’t exactly new. There is a wide variety of them available in the market today. In Kickstarter alone, there have been many successful versatile and multi-size backpack campaigns. There’s the Tropicfeel Shell, which can be expanded from 22L to 30L and 40L, and the Prima System that expands from 25L to 30L. Outside of the crowdfunding scene, there’s the Series 1: Medium Expandable Knack Pack, which can expand from 27L to 39L, and Peak Design’s Travel Backpack with a max capacity of 45L.

Compared to these four bags, BTBAG has the widest capacity range with 15L to 70L. So it can easily accommodate daily use or a multi-day trip. And while it can carry more than any of the bags mentioned above, its price isn’t all that bad. With a list price of US$199, it is a lot cheaper than Peak Design Travel Backpack (US$299.95), Tropicfeel Shell + Wardrobe (US$306), and Prima System Backpack (US$269). But it is slightly pricier than the Series 1: Medium Expandable Knack Pack, which costs US$195.

You can even save more and purchase BTBAG early through Kickstarter and pay only US$139 instead of US$199.


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With BTBAG, you no longer have to carry multiple bags with you. You can easily convert it from travel to business and work to casual. With the use of side belts and strong YKK zippers, you can expand or reduce the bag’s width, depending on your needs.


The BTBAG is made of nylon for the inner lining fabric and 100% polyester for the basic outer fabric, making it light and sturdy. But what’s special about this bag is its 1,000mm waterproof coating while the water-resistance standard is only at 600mm. At this rate, it has the same waterproof performance as that of a regular tent.

Many Storage Spaces

Now, the best feature of BTBAG is its storage spaces. To be specific, there are 17 storage spaces, allowing you to pack more things and items in your bag if needed. There’s a dedicated space for your work-related items, including laptop, tablet or iPad, pens, notebooks, paper, etc. Then there are pockets everywhere, from the front, shoulder strap, and outside of the bag. There’s even a security pocket for your important items such as passports and wallet.

Adjustable Height

BTBAG is designed with an adjustable shoulder strap so it can easily fit you regardless of your built.

180-Degrees Opening

Find your things quicker through BTBAG’s full 180-degrees opening. This feature allows you to have a complete view of your bag’s interior so you won’t have to remove and rummage through your bag just to find the item you need.

Side Handles

Don’t want to carry your bag on your back? No worries. BTBAG has side handles, which you can use for one-handed carrying while on the go.

Magnetic Buckle

As an extra feature, the BTBAG has a magnetic buckle for the main pocket for quick and secure closure.

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Height 18.5 inches
Length 11 inches
Width 3.5 inches – 12 inches
Material 100% polyester fabric
Capacity  15 Liters to 70 Liters
Weight 3.3 lb (1.5 kg)

BTBAG has an incredibly impressive capacity range. From a mere 15L, which is enough for daily use, it can be expanded up to 70L – which is more than any other multipurpose and expansion backpack can offer.

Now, with that much load in your back, you might think that the bag will be too heavy to carry or that it may cause discomfort while moving, especially since the bottom part will have to support all that weight. The good news is, BTBAG is made with a reinforced bottom panel, which adds support and keeps the shape of the bag even with a full load. To top it all off, it is foldable so you can fold it up when not needed and open it down for travel use.

BTBAG Aesthetics


In terms of aesthetics, BTBAG looks very minimal. Thus, making it great even while you’re wearing formal clothes. Available only in one color, which is black, this bag is sleek with simple branding. The zippers and belts look pretty solid and there’s even a secret hole to keep straps discreet and neatly arranged. We also like the mesh material at the back to make sure you’ll always feel comfortable while carrying it.

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Final Thoughts

With its expanding features, minimal design, and protective material, BTBAG is the only bag you will need. It’s perfect for commuters, travelers, adventure seekers, and anyone in need of an everyday backpack. The many storage spaces and pockets allow you to keep your belongings neat, organized, and easy to access. And with its max of 70L capacity, it can hold anything and everything you need to take with you.

Personally, BTBAG makes a great laptop bag as well as a cooler baby bag option. As parents who work from home but in constant need to carry around all our gears and laptops as well as our children’s things, this is certainly one of the better options. However, if anything is missing with the BTBAG, that is variation. Currently, it is only available in black.


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