ATMOBLUE: Clean Air For All


ATMOBLUE is the world’s first wearable air purifier that promises to provide its users with 99.7% purified air. This ultra-compact air purifying mask is built to withstand harsh conditions and has 3 different modes depending on the intensity of your activity, which even includes a high-strength setting that’s safe to use while jogging.

It also runs on a rechargeable battery that lasts between 3 – 5 hours before needing a recharge through any USB port.



N95 < N99 < H13 HEPA Filters

You may have heard the term N95. This simply means 95% of air particles are being captured. At the higher end of the spectrum, N99 (99%) masks are offered for more industrial applications such as painting or waste cleanup. Moving one step further ATMOBLUE’s, H13 HEPA filters block 99.97% of particles which are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger. To give you a bit of context, one strand of human hair is about 75 microns across!

Innovative Air Flow Technology

  • Dual, high-speed, centrifugal fans continuously supply filtered air to create a refreshing breathing environment.
  • Three airflow control settings. Users adjust speeds as needed
  • Positive Air Pressure allows users to breathe effortlessly with zero resistance.

Lightweight silicone seal

Dermatologically friendly silicone creates a soft but airtight seal keeping good air in and bad air out. ATOMBLUE won’t leave marks on your face after each use and can be worn with glasses without fogging up vision.

Patented head strap

The patented head strap system allows users to move about comfortably in any direction. If you’ve ever worn a mask you know how frustrating head straps can be as they cause unnecessary pressure behind your ears or simply fall off your head when moving around.

With its unique strap-channel design, the continuous head-strap flows through the mask, around your neck and head, creating a full range of continuous motion.

Compact design & Interchangeable skins

Showcase your unique style with ATMOBLUE’s modular skin system. Available in four colour configurations: Smoke, Pearl, Cement Grey, and Light Pink


Replaceable covers allow your mask to transform and adapt to your style and environment. Simply remove the magnetic HEPA caps and pop off the front of the mask. Once you’ve chosen one your ideal colour skin, simply attach and go.


Designed to be worn around your neck when not in use or in your carrying bag, ATMOBLUE’s compact design features a lightweight design of only 190 grams.

APP control

As an added bonus, all ATMOBLUE units come standard with built-in software & APP control. The device management APP provides real air-time quality indicators, tracks personal metrics and most importantly offers dynamic airflow controls.


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