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Canberra Cafe Hires Robot to Tend Tables

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Article Summary
  • Canberra Cafe decides to hire a robot to tend to tables.
  • The decision was made to help the business keep up with the lack of staff.
  • The hospitality industry is seeing an increase in robot workers.

Robots are taking our jobs? Canberra Cafe decided to hire a robot to help them tend tables but not because they wanted to replace humans, they decided to do so because they were desperate to look for new workers.

The playing field has changed as some restaurants and cafes are struggling to fill shifts due to the lack of workers. Canberra Cafe has resorted to unique measures by hiring a robot to tend tables and help with the shortage of manpower.

The Cafe will be one of the latest establishments to add robots to their employees starting with its first one. The automated robot’s task is to deliver orders to customers including food, coffee, and more.

Automation in the Hospitality Industry

Automation is slowly being more embraced in the hospitality industry as more and more companies recognize the advantage of adding robots to their service. While this used to be problematic due to the expensive robots and how the technology wasn’t as advanced, the robots of today have found a perfect balance as an affordable way to provide accurate service.

Robots in the hospitality industry bring on a lot of advantages including the fact that robots aren’t late and that robots don’t take breaks. Although they can’t connect personally to customers, they are a good way to make sure orders get from the kitchen to the customer’s table.

Industries are finally seeing how robots can be efficient for certain tasks that require little to no human touch like delivering orders. While some companies employ automation as an upgrade, the Canberra Cafe decided to do so as a way for them to make up for the lack of staff.

Due to the shortage of workers, businesses have to decide how to efficiently manage their staff with some of them deciding that it’s finally time to deploy some help from automation. Although still considered a novelty today, experts are expecting an increase in robots in the hospitality industry.

The Potential Evolution of Robots in the Future

With more robots in the hospitality industry, businesses will be able to increase efficiency while providing an interesting upgrade to their business. When it comes to the customer’s end, having a robot serve them could be an interesting sight to see.

Although it’s still early to see robots in mainstream use, the technology is also evolving within the industry in order to provide a higher quality service to customers. With the addition of Canberra cafe’s new robot, the hospitality industry is seeing an efficient way to wait tables.

The future use cases of robots could see the evolution of robots from waiting tables to potentially other tasks as well. As of current, the technology is still evolving and it’ll be everyone’s guess as to when humanoid robots or other types of robots could make their way into the hospitality industry.


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