CCTV Drain Inspections – What You Need to Know

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When it comes to plumbing, sewer pipe damage and the location of pipe damage can be difficult to determine the severity of damage unless you use cameras to inspect the pipes. If the pipes in your home’s plumbing system have been compromised in any way, it is very important to have them inspected to locate any damage and have it repaired in a timely way. CCTV drain inspection can save a great deal of time and money as well as ensuring that the environment is safe.

What is CCTV Drain Inspection?

CCTV is short for closed circuit television video and is a process where a special camera is used to investigate sewer lines, pipelines and drains to locate any damage without the need for invasive methods such as wall or floor removal and digging simply to gain access to the plumbing. CCTV sewer inspections are cost-effective and allow one to be able to locate any blockage within any pipe.

CCTV camera inspections assist the homeowner in finding the cause of the damage to the pipes including:

  • Poor installation of plumbing pipes and sewer pipes
  • Previous repair attempts that were poorly executed
  • Corrosion so that entire sections of pipe are missing
  • Offset joint pipes allowing leakage
  • Deterioration over time which requires full replacement
  • Root intrusion which can clog up a pipe
  • Earthquake damage causing offset pipes and misalignment
  • Cracked pipes which allow leakage
  • Accidental punctures
  • Blockages that do not allow pipes to drain properly

How Does the Pipe Inspection with CCTV Work?

A professional plumbing company uses a CCTV pipe inspection camera and inserts it into an entry point in the existing sewer. The camera is self-propelled and can inspect adjacent sewer pipes for up to eighty feet. Once the camera has been inserted, the operator is able to see inside the pipe to inspect its condition and discovery and severe damage that is inside of the pipe. There are variations between CCTV cameras including their focus and zoom functionality. These cameras are also equipped with lighting so that the operator can see inside the pipe and the area surrounding it.

Why Should You Have a CCTV Inspection Completed?

The use of CCTV video equipment for preliminary inspections has benefits for homeowners. There are many reasons why homeowners use professional plumbing companies to complete the CCTV video inspection for them, including:


CCTV inspections can save a lot of time and money with the inspection of pipes because damage can be easily located and then repairs can be focussed on the exact area where the pipe is damaged instead of having to dig up and entire pipe system to locate the pipe damage. This reduces the time and the cost of pipe repair since the focus is only on the damaged section of the pipe. Before CCTV inspections were available, pipe damage location and repair were a costly nightmare that a homeowner did not want to face.

Safe for the Environment

Since there is no digging required with the use of a CCTV camera, all trees, plants, and shrubs are safe from damage because they will not need to be disturbed during the inspection. This can save plants from suffering damage that can kill them.

Fast Location of Problems

CCTV cameras find a plumbing issue quickly by examining the entire pipe and eliminating any guesswork as to the location of the problem. A single session of CCTV camera inspection will locate the issue and then a plan can be formulated to repair any damaged pipes.

If you have some problems with your pipes whether you are aware of damage or not, a CCTV pipe inspection can help you to locate the problem quickly and have it resolved in a timely fashion. Most professional plumbing companies have CCTV inspection equipment or access to the equipment to carry out the inspection. The result is that the entire process and the repairs of the pipes are affordable.

This is a good idea instead of leaving damaged pipes to cause more expensive problems down the road. The exact cause of the problem is quickly identified and dealt with, without having to dig up multiple locations to try to locate the damaged pipes. Contact a local plumbing company to arrange for a CCTV inspection, you will be pleasantly surprised on how affordable it is to have the process completed. The cost of the inspection is much less expensive than the alternative of not dealing with pipe problem in a timely way.


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