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ChessUp: A Futuristic Approach To Play Chess

You will never look at chess the same way again ♟
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Ever wanted to channel your inner Beth Harmon from the popular Netflix series “The Queen’s Gambit”? The team over at Bryght Labs has created ChessUp — the first smart chessboard with a built-in AI assistant.

This Kickstarter project was funded in only 25 minutes with the help of the MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund and we get to see why it deserves your attention especially if you’ve been itching to sharpen your chess skills with this state-of-the-art smart board.

A wood grain playing surface with weighted pieces, 2 hours of charge time with 12 hours worth of playing time, this lightweight 12-inch board is enough for you to get entertained for the whole day.

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Built For Beginners & Veterans

If you’re starting out, you can set the chessboard to help you out by setting the assistance level to 1. The AI will carefully introduce you to the game’s basics.

While some chess apps on your smartphone have the ability to highlight the possible moves that you can do, the team over at ChessUp has more enhanced board’s capabilities thanks to the built-in Stockfish AI.

The board not only highlights the moves that you can make with a chess piece but also gives you the rating of the move if it’s good or not.

For example, a highlighted red square means that a move is a blunder while a highlighted green square tells you that it’s the best move. So as a beginner, ChessUp can become your trusted coach while you’re still learning the ropes.

If you’re a veteran, you can also adjust the AI assistance to your preferred level. You can disable the AI suggestions if you want to sharpen your logic skills.

Even if you don’t have friends over to play with, you can also play alone with the ChessUp built-in AI. Once you make a move, the AI will tell you where to move next so you can just move the piece for them.


A Comprehensive Companion App

ChessUp also comes with lifetime access to its smartphone app wherein all Kickstarter backers will get access to previous games. From there, you can review and replay the best moves that you could’ve used against your opponents.

The app also includes a built-in timer that is also connected to the smartboard in such a way that if you touch a chess piece, the app can detect that you are moving the piece which will automatically start the timer. Once you place your move, the ChessUp app ticks the timer for you.

You can also connect your account and play online. So instead of using the web or mobile app, you can play directly from your chessboard.

As of this writing, the ChessUp project has reached almost $1 million worth of funding and you can get your own board starting at an early bird price of only $249 over at Kickstarter.


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