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Chinese Police Start Using 300-400cc Electric Motorcycles

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Article Summary
  • Chinese police are upgrading its fleet with the help of electric motorcycles.
  • The electric motorcycle in use is the CFMoto 300 GT-E.
  • The CFMoto 300 GT-E holds the same power and capabilities as a 300-400cc standard motorcycle.

While there’s been a lot of talk about countries wanting to empower their local authority with electric vehicles, these plans remain hard to implement. China, however, has equipped its police with the CFMoto 300 GT-E electric motorcycles.

With the prices of fuel rising at unheard-of rates, more and more people are looking at electric vehicles as a potential way to help avoid the harsh prices. The good thing about electric vehicles is that while the prices of fuel rise, it still relies on electricity as their source of power.

As of press time, Tesla remains one of the most popular electric vehicle companies in the world but it only focuses on cars and hasn’t released an electric motorcycle line.

Chinese Police Plan to Upgrade Their Fleet with CFMoto GT-E Electric Motorcycles

The two-wheel vehicle aims to help Chinese authorities deal with not just high fuel costs but also the convenience of improved routine maintenance. Since electric vehicles usually function more smartly, Chinese police could easily schedule routine maintenance en route.

Another important thing to note about electric vehicles, in general, is that their maintenance is very different from conventional vehicles. Since it uses different parts and mostly relies on software, the technology can easily be serviced without any manual adjustments needed.

The electric motorcycle, the CFMoto 300 GT-E is basically the equivalent of a 300-400cc motorcycle and aims to bring users a quick and reliable riding experience, especially when it comes to largely urban patrols.

The electric motorcycle, however, is not designed for high speeds and can only reach up to 120km/h. Although it might not seem like much, the speed is already enough for either urban patrols or maybe the occasional pursuit.

The electric motorcycle uses a 16.8 kW electric motor and although it doesn’t have the same mechanics as a conventional motorcycle, its capabilities can be measured within the 300-400cc range.

The good thing about the CFMoto 300 GT-E is that it is capable of 150km in range making it ideal for routes within cities. 

Other Brands with Electric Motorcycles for the Police Force

This is not the first time electric motorcycles designed for police have been created. In the US and the UK, the Harley-Davidson LiveWire also found its place with government authorities and is already used as a police motorcycle.

Harley-Davidsons have already been regarded as a commonly used motorcycle for police departments in the US. Due to this, it makes sense that the company would also try to bring out its first electric model for police use.

Aside from Harley-Davidson, the BMW electric scooters are also getting the police treatment as well as the company is customizing its models to better fit the specifications needed by the local law enforcement.


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