CircuitMess STEM Box


Every CircuitMess STEM Box includes a project that thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested with both kids and adults, with the developers going as far as coding their own operating system called CircuitOS for the benefit of their patrons.


Ever wonder what makes that Nintendo Switch of yours tick? Or maybe you’re curious as to how developers put together smartwatches. The CircuitMess STEM Box aims to turn that curiosity into something more by periodically sending boxes filled with different kinds of custom-made electronic components that you or your children will have to piece together using the instructions, code examples, and online tutorials provided.

You’ll receive a unique box of goodies every three months, each meticulously crafted to teach a specific topic and skillset. The first CircuitMess STEM Box, for example, will have you building your very own voice assistant while the next will have you putting together your personal DJ mix table. Whether you’re a parent looking for a new and productive way to spend time with your kids or someone who just wants to learn more about electronics and modern-day technology, the CircuitMess STEM Box provides a fresh and fun learning experience that makes you feel like a real inventor.

Every Box consists of the following parts:

  • Unique DIY electronics
  • A quick-start instruction booklet (for offline usage)
  • Video guides and additional coding and learning tutorials on our learning platform 


The first STEM box includes all the tools you’ll need for the succeeding ones as well. This is what you’ll get in the toolbox:   

1) USB soldering iron (lightweight and portable, solder on the go!)

2) Solder sucker

3) Phillips Screwdriver

4) 2A USB power brick for powering your soldering iron

5) Needle nose pliers

6) Diagonal cutter pliers

7) Metal soldering iron stand

8) Some solder

9) USB cable for the soldering iron

STEM Boxes

  • STEM Box #1: Spencer – Build & code your own voice assistant 
  • STEM Box #2: Jay-D – Build & code your own DJ mix table
  • STEM Box #3: Wheelson –  Build & code your own AI self-driving car
  • STEM Box #4: ByteBoi –  Build & code your own retro game console
  • STEM Box #5: Chatter – Build & code your own encrypted wireless communicator
  • STEM Box #6: Clockstar – Build & code your own smartwatch 


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