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Company Creates Inexistent Tesla Cybertruck Camper: Rendition Revealed

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Article Summary
  • A camper was created for the inexistent Tesla Cybertruck.
  • Tesla delays the release date for the Cybertruck.
  • Tesla is planning to release its first humanoid robot on Tesla aI Day.

Elon Musk first introduced the Tesla Cybertruck back in 2019 but now, three years later, the truck doesn’t exist yet. This didn’t stop companies from developing add-ons to the supposed Cybertruck with a company going as far as creating an attachable camper.

After multiple delays year after year, fans are still left with no Cybertruck. Although most news regarding the Tesla Cybertruck is usually just announcements of further delays, this hasn’t stopped a company from developing an add-on camper to the electric vehicle.

While it seems like Tesla is busy with other things, like the recently announced humanoid robot called Optimus that will be available on Tesla AI Day, not much is heard by fans regarding the company’s upcoming Cybertruck.

While announced in 2019, Tesla has not really released any new details regarding the Cybertruck aside from news of delays.

Camper Extension Created for the Tesla Cybertruck

The company behind it focuses on both artificial intelligence and software in order to provide smart products for its users. With its addition of the camper, the company doesn’t just want to provide a way for its users to camp outside but as seen in its video, the company is trying to do this by making a camper with all the smart techs.

The interesting thing about the camper, however, is that it was designed for the Cybertruck, which little is known as of the moment. Although the dimensions might have already been released to the public, since the electric vehicle is still under development, things are still entirely open to change should Tesla decide to do so.

The company says that there hasn’t been that much innovation when it comes to the RV industry in about 50 years. Although there have been a few luxury RVs released here and there, the company aims to take things a step further with AI and software development.

Company Received $80 Million in Pre-Orders

A rendition of the camper was uploaded to Twitter and although it did not show the extension being attached to a Tesla Cybertrack itself, the hashtags used in the video included #cyberlandr, #tesla, and #cybertruck.

The camper is reportedly called a Cyberlandr and comes at a price of $50,000 and is designed to fit in the bed of the Cybertruck. As per the company, they havoc already received $80 million in pre-orders despite the product just recently being announced.

The Cyberlandr camper was initially announced in April and is basically a product, that is still within pre-order, designed for an electric vehicle that does not exist yet. Although there have been promises of the Cybertruck releasing soon, knowing Tesla, fans might have to wait a little longer before its release.


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