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Cooksy: Unleash Your Inner Master Chef With The Help of AI

Transform yourself into a world-class chef with this cutting edge kitchen technology 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳🍳🔪
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Never worry about messing up your food experiments with this state-of-the-art invention from Cooksy.

With its sharp and clear camera, advanced thermal sensors, and AI that will help you through your cooking journey, this smart kitchen gadget can become your new best friend.

Cook, Stream, Repeat

Installing Cooksy is simple with its built-in magnets that you can place on top of your range hood. If there’s no magnetic option available in your kitchen area, Cooksy also provides a standard 1/4″ camera mount on the back that allows you to use an off-the-shelf camera mounting option.

Download the Cooksy app and explore hundreds of recipes that you can follow and the best part is you’ll never get lost when trying to follow because the app also gives you on-screen instructions on what to do next.

While your food is simmering, you can chill on your couch and watch your cooking stream in real-time via the app. Let Cooksy take care of updating you once your favorite dish is done.

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The App Also Works As A Content Creation Tool

If you’re that type of person who loves to experiment with food, the Cooksy app can make a great starting point into building your own YouTube cooking channel. Let the app effortlessly record your personal recipes and share them with your friends and the rest of the world.

To get the most out of your cooking content, there is also a Cooksy Pro version that has a larger thermal imaging sensor, a 32GB on-device flash storage, and a 13MP camera.

Cooksy has been successfully funded in Indiegogo in less than 1 hour this week and it’s continuing to receive over $30,000 worth of funding as of this writing.

You can get your Cooksy smart cooking assistant starting at an early bird price of $389 that comes in Midnight Black or Prisma Silver or get their Pro version for only $479.

The special edition copper-plated Cooksy Pro is currently priced at $749 saving you $100 if you plan on pre-ordering. The smart kitchen gadgets will be shipped around October to November 2021.


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