D-BOX Cinema Seats & HOYTS – A Match Made In Action?

D-BOX seats are taking the HOYTS cinema experience to the next level.
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D-BOX, a Canadian based technology company and global distributor of hyper-immersive entertainment experiences have recently entered the Australian market by partnering with national cinema franchise HOYTS. Scheduled to equip four auditoriums in Melbourne and Sydney with over 200 D-BOX motion seats during the middle of 2019. We’re all super excited to see what this brings to action moving forward.

What’s the D-BOX seat difference? 

D-BOX seats are designed to integrate directly with the film; providing an unparalleled immersive experience to movie lovers. Synchronising in-film movement and relaying this back into the chair itself, a D-BOX seat provides those lucky enough to sit on one the ability to feel the film and be completely immersed in the action.

A perfect example of this would be car chases or explosions where the D-BOX seats will move and vibrate in a realistic fashion. The Fast & Furious franchise will never be the same again. Although they should really shift focus back into modified cars. Long live the Supra!

When comfortably positioned on a D-BOX,  the viewer retains control with each seat having its own panel that will allow the user to select the level of intensity from full-power to low. This will help prevent any cases of motion sickness or just let you sit back (or recline back) and relax while your friends go full-throttle.

Recent company statements:

Damian Keogh, president and CEO of The Hoyts Group states:

“At Hoyts, we believe that opening the door to innovation is the next step for the ultimate Australian cinema and are proud to be pioneering this technology for moviegoers across the country.”

Claude Mc Master, President and Chief Executive Officer at D-BOX, said: 

“We’re especially proud to partner with Hoyts because they have a well-deserved reputation for offering moviegoers an exceptional entertainment experience, so we know our immersive motion technology complements their commitment to deliver the best.”

Where are D-BOX seats being installed?

Currently, there are three cinemas across Australia that offer the full D-BOX experience – Wetherill Park in Sydney and Northland and Highpoint in Melbourne, with The Hoyts Entertainment Quarter in Sydney being next on the list. D-BOX seat technology is also available for those who want the experience at home. You can actually use your existing furniture with some clever actuators to get a very similar experience!

What films do D-BOX seats work with?

D-BOX has already coded more than 1,400 films which have been released for home usage on various mediums. From slower-paced storylines to full-on action movies, compatibility is no longer a question. For a comprehensive list of what’s available, check out this link.

Are D-BOX seats any good?

Unlike rollercoaster simulators in shopping centres, the D-BOX seat doesn’t require a seatbelt! This is for a number of reasons but mainly because the two devices serve two separate purposes. With roller coaster simulators, the primary experience is the movement. However, with a cinema film, there is a storyline to tell as well as ensuring a full D-BOX experience. The D-BOX seat takes a gentler approach which adds to the immersion rather than jolting the viewer out of their seat! Overall, we definitely would recommend trying D-BOX at least once. You may become hooked or you may think it’s just not worth the extra money.

Have you tried a D-BOX seat? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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