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Death Stranding Surprises PC Users With Cyberpunk 2077 Update

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It comes to no surprise that a crossover between Death Stranding and Cyberpunk 2077 is bound to happen after a tweet last July with Hideo Kojima being an in-game character for CD Projekt Red’s most awaited title.

Just a few days after the Cyberpunk 2077 release and we are now getting this official update from Death Stranding releasing a crossover patch.

And that’s not all, Kojima is also putting their title at 50% off Steam until December 23 and Epic Games until January 7, 2021.

While some companies like Ubisoft and Epic Games are giving away free titles, Kojima tries to be competitive by slashing off prices on Death Stranding.

Here’s what’s in store with the crossover update

Death Stranding PC owners will get all of these updates for free and aside from the six new missions that players will be receiving, here are the other exclusive items that you can get as per their announcement on Steam:

  • A Reverse Trike vehicle that is Cyberpunk 2077 themed with improved jumping power.
  • Johnny Silverhand’s robotic arm that can be equipped and used in the game
  • New holograms including a SAMURAI symbol signboard and an Atlas Trauma vehicle hologram for certain constructions
  • Several fashion items including Johnny Silverhand’s sunglasses

Additionally, they are also introducing a new Hacking function that Sam Bridges can use in combat to fight off enemy machines. Porters are now equipped with the power to stop Mule sensor poles from activating for a limited time, stun enemy Odradeks and hack Mule trucks to stop them in their tracks.

Death Stranding has over 90% positive reviews off Steam and getting this game for half the price should be a holiday steal for Kojima fans around the world.


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