Desk Cable Management Gadgets To Keep You Organised

Avoid wire woes with these helpful cable management gadgets 🤖
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Organisation is a pillar of success and desk cable management is the cement that holds it all together. With this in mind, perhaps we should put some effort into organising our desks and get back to work. We’ve taken a look at some of the most useful desk cable management products on the market, so you don’t have to sift through all 5000 of them.

Cables and wires get in the way, fall behind the desk, get caught under your chair and eventually break. All of these lead to unnecessary distractions and costs. Take a look at these desk cable management gadgets and see if they can improve your workflow.

Allocacoc POWERCUBE Extended USB Black

Reviewing the Allocacoc Powercube is an easy task because it’s so simple in nature. It provides more charging ports for your devices in a small and well-designed package. I know this was meant to be about reducing cables, but let’s be real here. Cables are a necessary evil and there is always a device that needs charging. The Allocacoc Powercube provides a solution to this by offering 4 additional power outlets and two additional USB ports. Now you have space for your USB laser tripwire!

Allocacoc Powercube Extended Product Shot

As well as offering more charging space, it does it in such a small form factor. It’s almost a perfect cube with dimensions of 6.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm. A 1.5m extension cable keeps the Powercube powered, which extends from the rear of the device, leaving that face only for the power cable.

To get even more benefit from the Powercube mount it to the underside of your desk to make it almost invisible when not in use. This means you can attach it towards the rear of your desk and have USB cables come over the top for easy device charging.

Allocacoc Powercube Extended Lifestyle Shot

The build quality of the product is OK. It’s certainly not a ‘premium’ product and the build material do reflect that. The value for money is very good for those who need more power outlets and USBs in a small device.

Viaky Multipurpose Black Cable Clips

Ahh, so you’re now set with more power and USB outlets, but how do you keep cable management organised? With the Viaky multipurpose black cable clips, that’s how. These little guys go a long way to keep your cables just where you want them, and nowhere else. Just stick them down and push the cable or wire between into the gap and voila!

Viaky Cord Management Product Shot

There are a lot of different solutions on the market at similar prices. The Viaky multipurpose black cable clips were the best cable organisers for us because they offer a few different options depending on your needs. There are single cord holders, dual cord holders and even quintuple cord holders that allow you to easily group a set of wires together.

Viaky Cord Management Lifestyle Shot

Cable organisers really are underutilised in most professional and home offices. As soon as you give them a go you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get your desk cable management under control.

POUT Wireless Hands 3 – Mouse Pad with Wireless Charger

The Pout Wireless Hands 3 is designed for those who own a phone and use a mouse. That’s a lot of people, so pay attention. This mouse pad with built-in wireless QI charging looks great and works well. Just simply plug the USB charging cable in and you have functioning wireless charging mouse pad. Place your phone on the Qi charger and if your phone was the capability it will charge in the background while you work. No more wondering where your battery went!

Pout Wireless Hands 3 - Mouse Pad With Wirelss Charging Product Shot 1

This device provides a sleek solution that removes the need to constantly unplug and plug your phone in. The Pout Wireless Hands 3 uses a secure IC chip to protect your phone from overcharging, getting too hot, over-current and over-discharge.

Pout Wireless Hands 3 - Mouse Pad With Wirelss Charging Detailing Ports

The build materials are nice and will add a touch of minimalism to your desk. The PU leather surface looks premium and the non-slip base ensures function wasn’t completely overshadowed by form. If you’re prone to the odd drink spill, worry not. This wireless charging mouse pad is water and dust resistant.

The Pout Wireless Hands 3 works with all Qi charging enabled phones.

Satechi Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub with USB-C

The Satechi Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub offers desk cable management and improved ergonomics. Keep your neck in good health and your wires organised with this monitor stand primarily designed for iMacs.

Featuring 3 USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB C port, micro/SD card slots and an audio jack you can keep your most-used wires easily accessible. The manufacturer suggests that you use the monitor stand with the ports facing directly towards you. However, if you want better desk cable management we suggest having the ports face away from you. This will allow you to keep things a bit more hidden and minimalist.

The build quality of the monitor stand is very good as you would expect from a Satechi monitor stand. It has a modern and durable design similar to the iMac it is primarily designed for. While looking great and offering better desk cable management, it also frees up a bit of desk space to store a notepad or other small items.

The Anchor – The Original Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount

There are plenty of headphone stands and mounts on the market, but we wanted to give a nod of approval towards the original under-desk headphone stand, The Anchor. Now, if you have wireless headphones, you’ve already removed the wire headache. However, you still have the issue of putting your headphones somewhere within reach but not on your desk. Well, this is an under-desk headphone stand. Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

The Anchor Under desk Headphone Stand and Mount Lifestyle Shot

If you own a pair of wired headphones, then this headphone stand still does the job of keeping the cables clutter-free. By installing the stand under the desk and using some of the Viaky Cable Clips mentioned previously, you can keep the slack of the wire at a manageable length, all while remaining hidden.

The stand itself is very affordable but still retains a satisfying build quality. Ultimately, these are designed for hanging headphones on, so they don’t need to be built like a Volvo. The stand is made from a slightly flexible rubber that is very durable and more than capable of holding even the heaviest headphones. A bonus is that it actually looks like an anchor!

The Anchor Under-desk Headphone Stand and Mount

ElevationLab opted to use 3M adhesives to ensure that The Anchor actually attaches, and stays attached. 3M is the best in the business, so even you have audiophile-grade headphones you can sleep well. At the end of each arm is a raised lip that prevents headphones from slipping off if you accidentally knock them, or live on a boat during choppy waters.

All in all, this is a quality piece of gear at a very affordable price. If you need something else to keep your desk tidy and your cables managed, then consider The Original Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount, The Anchor.


Quick Tips For Better Desk Cable Management

Here are some extra tips to help you on your eternal quest for better desk cable management:

Start again

Don’t try and reroute all of your wires in their current state. Start from scratch and think things through. With just a little thought and some desk cable management gadgets, you’ll be free from wire woes.

Mounted Monitors

Mounted monitors can free up additional space on your desk. They can also help completely hide wires if you’re willing to do a bit of DIY. Alternatively, you can run the wires down the wall with some cable ties for an easier solution.

Go Wireless

If there’s a wireless option – go for it. There’s no easier solution to managing desk cables than not having them. Buy a wireless mouse and keyboard for a much more minimalist approach. You can ditch some bulky wired speakers and settle for a small but powerful compact soundbar that has Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming. You’ll end up paying more but a wire-free desk is priceless, right?!


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