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Diablo 4 Reveals The Rogue Class Plus More Game Updates

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Another all-time favorite over at the recent BlizzCon has made fans excited once again as Diablo 4 gives us more updates and it looks like they are taking their sweet time in polishing the game.

The biggest reveal that they showcased was their new character class called the Rogue, which is a mix of the Assassin and Demon Hunter class.

What’s In Store For The Rogue?

The classic character from the early Diablo games is making a comeback to Diablo 4 and fans are getting hyped about it. Her weapon choices range from swords and daggers to bows and crossbows.

The Rogue made its first appearance on the first Diablo game as a playable character while

in the second instalment, they introduced the Rogues as a band of mercenaries that you can hire in-game.

You can also get to choose what specializations can fit your playstyle such as:

  • Combo Points – focuses on higher attack points whenever you pull off insane combos
  • Shadow Realm – it gives the Rogue the ability to pull demons to a dark dimension where you can finish them individually.
  • Exploit Weakness – monsters will have an indicator that will tell the player that it’s vulnerable to take heavy damage.

You can make your way choose either one or get all three and experiment with your weapons to see what style suits you.

You can imbue or put elemental effects to your arrows and rain arrows to your enemies while dashing and getting that stylish kill. Or play around with Shadow Realm specialization with your daggers and take out problematic enemies first before taking out the rest of the horde.

Mounts, Camps and PvP Updates

For the mounts, they added a lot of customization options to make the player feel that it’s going to be your lifelong companion as you explore the Diablo universe.

Though the team didn’t want to introduce fighting off horses because it’s not how the game was designed, they came up with these stylish off mount abilities that your characters can do.

One example that they mentioned is the Sorceress can Ice Dash once she dismounts her horse or the Rogue raining down arrows on the hordes of enemies. Although the horse doesn’t take damage, you can get damaged by the demons if they try to hit you while you’re still mounted on the horse.

As far as camps in the game are concerned, these will give you access to new quests and vendors once you clear these camps from demon hordes giving more depth to the Sanctuary. PvP was also featured wherein other players can hunt you down whenever you’re trying to collect a good reward off your rare currency.

However, there’s a catch for those who will choose this evil path – they will be revealed to other players and there will be a huge bounty on your head if they manage to slay you.

Even though Blizzard has barely scratched the surface with their recent game updates, Diablo 4 already looks promising and fans are getting on board. Now we wait for the next quarterly update.

Can It Capture The Same Charm As Previous Diablos?

Diablo 2 is a fan favourite for numerous reasons but mainly because of the overall personality and charm the game delivered. If you ask most fans, this was lost in Diablo 3, so can Diablo 4 recapture this same magic. We certainly hope so, but if not, there is Diablo 2 Remaster on the horizon titled Diablo II Resurrected.


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