Disk Drill for Windows & Mac: Data Recovery Software Review

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Sometimes, they just vanish all those important files that you used to protect as much as you can. At times, this unpleasant event can be caused by a device failure. At times, a virus is guilty. But in most cases, you just push the wrong button.

Whatever the reason is, you need to recover deleted files on Mac or any other device asap. First of all, try the usual ways to recover data from a Macbook Pro hard drive. Here is how to do it.

On your Mac device, there is a so-called recently deleted folder. There, all your files are kept that have been recovered during the last 30 days. This is your very first option to restore deleted files on Mac. Just open the folder, find the needed photos, and undelete them.

iCloud Offers an Opportunity to Restore Deleted Photos

If you use an iPhone, you have one more opportunity to recover your deleted photos. If you use an iPhone to take photos, they all are stored in iCloud. Just go there and restore all the photos that you need. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Move to iCloud. There, you will see a lot of Apple services such as contacts, iCloud drive, and so on. Your target is photos.
  • In the sidebar, you will see a Recently deleted folder. Click on it.
  • Choose the files that you want to restore and recover them.

The good thing is that files can be restored even if you aren`t using your Mac or iPhone at the moment. You can do it even from a Windows device. However, if these ways to recover deleted photos on a Mac didn`t work,

Sometimes Recovery Software Is Needed

It happens though that sometimes, it is not so easy to retrieve lost files on Mac. If you cannot locate the lost photos with the help of the ways described above, it is time to try Disk Drill for Mac.

This is a software that offers an amazing free version. Even if you download just a free version, you still get complete functionality. Just the backup feature is not available and the volume of files that can be recovered is limited.

Other than that, this is one of the most complex recovery tools that you can find online for free.

You don`t need to be an expert to use Disk Drill. Download the software from the official website and install it. When you need to recover any files, including photos, just follow the instructions provided by the tool.

Why Disk Drill?

Now, you might be wondering why you shall use Disk Drill. Of course, there are many recovery tools out there. But this tool offers you some benefits that can be hardly found in the same set somewhere else:

  • Disk Drill can recover more than 100 file formats, we bet you haven`t even heard about some of them;
  • It offers advanced functionality to recover files at the partition level. Thus, you can get back your files even if they are damaged.
  • It is extremely easy-to-use.

Thus, what about having a look at the tool? We bet you will discover there many more benefits. And if you believe that the volume offered for free isn’t sufficient for your needs, you can always get a paid Disk Drill version. With it, you get an unlimited recovery volume and many more options. One of such options is a backup function. It allows you to back up all the important data so that you cannot get rid of it easily.


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