Don’t Buy a Dirt Bike Helmet before Knowing these 4 Factors

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Did you finally save up and buy a dirt bike you’ve always dreamed of? Awesome!

But hang on – before you go conquer the wilderness with your bike, make sure you get a high-quality helmet.

By high-quality, we don’t mean pricey or colourful. There are some aspects to consider while purchasing a helmet.

What are these factors? Find out in this article.


Weight is one of the most obvious factors determining whether a helmet is appropriate for a rider. Yet, some riders do not think about the weight when buying dirt bike helmets.

Weight indeed plays an important role in off-road riding. A heavy helmet comes with many negatives that you should be aware of. For starters, it can lead to poor posture and could easily cause sore necks.

Heavy helmets can be very uncomfortable to wear, leading to a hot and uncomfortable riding experience.

So, what’s the recommended weight for helmets? We would advise that you stick to the range of 1600 grams. There are a few helmets lighter than this, and it would be better if you found one.

But anything over 1600 grams can cause you to feel the heat while riding.


Ventilation is a second important factor that you must take into consideration. While snocross racers would prefer helmets with less ventilation to keep cold out, the more ventilation, the more efficient.

The primary purpose of proper ventilation is to help maintain a steady temperature and ensure that your helmet’s interior doesn’t transform into a sweat puddle.

Some riders sweat more than others, which means that the concept of ventilation varies for different riders. However, we feel that all riders will benefit from a properly ventilated helmet. You must consider this when exploring options.

Overall Safety

This might be the most obvious thing you should think about when purchasing a dirt bike helmet.

Unfortunately, many riders overlook it and instead focus on other aspects, such as appearance and design.

Remember that the primary purpose of wearing a helmet is to safeguard your head. Therefore, you must ensure that your helmet is suitable for the job.

Always check for safety features in your helmet, including foams with multiple densities and the ability to release quickly. Although safety standards are vital, you also need to make sure that they fit comfortably in your head.

Many companies tend to surpass the DOT and SNEL accreditations. One way to compare helmets for bikes is to search for comparisons on the internet to find the ideal dirt bike helmet for you.

Helmet Shape and Size

Every rider has a unique head shape. The same goes for helmets. They are designed to fit several different sizes and shapes of heads.

To figure out your head size, measure your head by wrapping a soft measuring tape over your entire head, roughly 1/2 inch higher than your eyebrows, and then measure the length.

Be sure to examine your head’s measurements against the exact dirt bike helmet size to determine if it’s the best fit for you. Every helmet manufacturer typically provides different sizes for their helmets. So consult them to make an informed choice.

It is also recommended that you test the helmet before purchasing it. The ideal helmet should rest directly on top of your head, with the top of the eye-port slightly over your eyebrows.

If you find that the helmet can move easily after wearing it or your fingers easily fit within the space between your helmet, it is recommended to opt for a smaller size.

Final Word

When buying a dirt bike helmet, it’s not only about looks or price. Make sure you consider all the important factors mentioned above.

Good luck!


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