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DSLR Cameras Could Lose to Smartphones Says Sony

DSLR cameras used to be a gamechanger but with the recent progress of smartphones, Sony says that later on, these high-powered cameras could be replaced by smartphones. Due to smartphone cameras being incredibly advanced, there could come a day that DSLR cameras could lose their touch.
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Article Summary
  • Sony CEO says DSLR cameras could lose to smartphones in the future.
  • Smartphones provide AI tech to cameras.
  • There is no news regarding how long the transition might take.

One thing that smartphones have been trying to implement when it comes to cameras, aside from the hardware, is the software behind it. With smartphones capable of processing complex apps and software, they are capable of implementing these upgrades to whatever camera is installed in the device.

With the use of AI technology, smartphones are capable to maximize whatever camera hardware is installed to the best of their capabilities. The good thing about this technology is aside from providing users with a smartphone, it can also give them a pretty powerful smart camera.

Sony CEO Says Smartphones Could have a Huge Advantage Over DSLR Cameras

Sony is no stranger to cameras or smartphones but as per the CEO of Sony Semiconductor Solutions, Terushi Shimizu, the future of smartphones could have a huge advantage. Shimizu noted that “still images (from smartphones) will exceed the image quality of single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras within the next few years.”

The news comes as a shock since Sony, themselves, are also well known for selling DSLRs but due to their CEO’s statement, it seems like the company might see a major pivot into focusing more on camera technology for smartphones instead of DSLR.

There was no confirmation, however, as to when this major shift might happen and although this might be true, it could take years before smartphones can do what DSLRs are capable of doing. It is also important to note that the same could happen in reverse and in the next couple of years, smartphone cameras might be able to dominate DSLRs due to their smart technology.

Although some professional photographers might prefer a DSLR, smartphone photography is also really taking shape. With the accessibility that smartphones provide to both photography and videography, more and more people are getting into the art due to their mobile devices.

If Smartphones Progress, A Decrease in Demand for DSLRs Might Occur

The usual practice, as of press time, is to first buy a smartphone with a really good camera before upgrading to a DSLR. However, the future could be very different with new photographers potentially only using a smartphone instead.

Should this happen and the demand for cameras drop drastically, there could be a rise in demand for smartphones as a way for photographers to not only gain access to a good camera with smart technology but also a day-to-day mobile device for all their smartphone needs.

With Sony positive about DSRLs being replaced by smartphones in the future, buyers might have to pivot their expectations from stand-alone cameras to smartphone technology. This, of course, has not yet been proven to be the case and could still require a couple of years until both smartphones and DSLRs are on par.


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