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ECLLPSE – A Flash Drive Sized High-Speed Portable SSD

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With the age of portability emerging in the tech landscape, a Kickstarter that was launched last December 2019 was able to produce a working SSD the size of a USB flash drive. You may want to consider getting this device especially if you’re into gaming to take advantage of its transfer speeds.

What’s interesting about this portable USB SSD drive is that it has Windows installed as well so you save a lot of space in your laptop or desktop. Additionally, it is faster and lighter compared to the popular external SSD’s out in the market today.

Specs At A Glance

ECLLPSE weighs in at only 19g and it has a transfer speed of up to 550MB/s which is slightly faster than Samsung T5 and Sandisk SSDs which have up to 540MB/s and 4 times faster than external hard drives.

The connection interface is a USB 3.1 Gen2 and this portable flash drive SSD can also have adapters for different ports if your device doesn’t have USB-C which are not present in today’s external SSDs.

Storage options start at 512GB up to 2TB which is a gamechanger for portable devices. You can also plug it in via your smartphone, PS4 or laptop.

The Macbooks may greatly benefit with ECLLPSE because it can run Windows from inside the flash drive instead of the Mac itself.

Not to mention that it has an IP67 rating which makes this portable SSD waterproof and durable.

ECLLPSE Ships Out This Coming April 2021

As per their Indiegogo page, they have collected over $250,000 in crowdfunding. Additionally, they are also having an early bird discount selling it at only $79 for their 512GB variant and $199 for their 2TB variant.

Aside from these killer specs, it also has a very generous 5-year warranty so it’s very much worth the money.


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