ElecHive Portable & Universal Super Power Station


If you’re still rocking a gas generator then it may be high time you considered getting yourself an upgrade. The ElecHive 2200 Portable & Universal Super Power Station is an electricity-powered, rechargeable generator that packs a lot of punch into a tiny frame. In fact, this little box is about the size of a regulation NBA basketball and weighs just a tad over 15kg.


ElecHive 2200 Specs & Features

The ElecHive 2200 stands out from the competition by being smaller, more power, and more affordable than its rivals.

The ElecHive 2200’s battery can output up to 2,200W of power while sporting an impressive 2,500Wh capacity, meaning that it’s more than capable of juicing up all your gadgets and gizmos for hours on end. And the best part is that it beats out the industry leaders in its class in terms of power, while still maintaining a much more affordable price point.


Battery Cell Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide
Capacity 2,442Wh
Cycle Life Over 1000 Times Full Charge
Battery Management System Specific BMS
Use Environment -20°C to 40°C


Rated Power 2200W
Protected Power 2300W


Power Adaptor 24V 10A 240W Input: 9 hours (98%)
Solar Panel Output voltage less than 35V can charge through DC or GX16-4 connector, supporting max 240W.

Output voltage between 35V and 150V can charge through Anderson connector, supporting max 1250W (2 hours) 90%.

Car Charger 12V 10A 120W vehicle power input: 20 hours (100%)
Fast Charging 50V 25A 1250W input: 2 hours (95%)



DC DC5521, 12-24V car charging and other charging equipment
Zero Breeze AC Connector GX16-4
Anderson Connector For Solar Panel and 1250W fast charging input
USB – C 60W & 18W


Output Ports

USB 1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0
Type C 1x Type C (PD, 20V 3A 60W)

1x Type C (18W)

AC Port 4 U.S / Japan sockets (100 – 120V 50-60Hz) or 3 Universal Sockets (220-240V 50-60Hz)
Car Charger Socket (cigarette port) 12V/15A, 180W
Zero Breeze AC connector 14V, 10.5A
DC Port 12V 10A 120W


AC Frequency

Japan 50Hz & 60Hz
Other countries 50Hz/60Hz

Display Screen

Specs White light highlights the LCD panel
Display Interface Quantity, time, input and output power, error prompt, etc.
Size 7.75 x 3.56 cm

Other Attributes

Dimensions 32 x 22.86 x 24.89 cm
Volume 18,400 cm³
Weight 15.5 kg
Price $1,299



  • Dust-proof Cover Design
  • NMC battery packs are far more portable and much safer than most of its alternatives
  • Withstands heat of up to 40°C and remains fully functional at temperatures as low as -20°C
  • Its 2500Wh capacity & 2200W AC Output allows it to operate even heavy-duty equipment such as circular saws and microwaves



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