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Elon Musk Throws Shade at Bill Gates Due to Millions Poured Into Attacking Him

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After an attempt to bring Elon Musk on board to philanthropic efforts by Bill Gates, word has spread of the Microsoft’s co-founder’s half a billion US dollar short position in Tesla. To add, Gates’ multi-million fund directed to attacking the Tesla CEO was exposed.

  • Connecting the Dots to Bill Gates’ Dark Fund
  • Elon Musk’s Humerous Response

Hundreds of millions of dollars was spotted leaving Bill Gates’ foundation and poured into 11 of the 26 organizations that supported an advertising boycott if Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase led to the restoration of free speech.

Elon Musk requested his 94 million Twitter followers to look into funding behind the 26 NGOs that signed an intimidation letter. The letter threatened that if Musk indeed changes Twitter’s censorship policies, they would then be destroying the company’s advertising revenue.

Connecting the Dots to Bill Gates’ Dark Fund

The inquiry started when Elon Musk noticed a “particular shadowy group” called Accountable Tech due to the Washington Free Beacon investigation which led him to question who is behind its funding.

When the Accountable Tech’s corporate office was visited by the Washington Free Beacon, they came to the conclusion that the organization doesn’t actually exist but was rather a registered trade name for North Fund.

North fund received significant $19.3 million and $11 million respectively from two other nonprofits; the Sixteen Thirty Fund and the New Venture Fund. The two organizations used the same D.C. address as North Fund and although donors were not disclosed, the trail doesn’t end.

Freedom Foundation Online’s analysis finds a total of $457 million funding stretched out in 102 grants to or through New Venture Fund. The money trail was found on the Gates Foundation grantee list disclosure files.

Elon Musk’s Response

In response to the article exposing the trail of where a portion of Gates’ philanthropic budgets went to was shared on Twitter, Musk replied “what a d*ck move!”

This isn’t the only time the Tesla CEO threw shade at the long-time tech billionaire. In a humorous post, Musk also shared the pregnant man emoji beside a picture of Gates wearing the same colored shirt.

The feud somehow started when a tweet revealed a conversation between Musk and Gates when the latter invited the Tesla CEO to join him for philanthropic work. Musk then asked Gates if he still had a short position on Tesla and the Microsoft co-founder did not deny it.

Musk then said that he could not join someone for philanthropic works when they are shorting Tesla, which is described by the CEO as the company doing the most to solve climate change. When images of the conversation leaked, Musk confirmed it but said that he did not leak it himself.

Back in 2020, Musk joked around on Twitter saying rumors regarding him and Bill Gates being lovers is completely untrue. He then followed the tweet up by sharing the song Sometimes When We Touch by Dan Hill.


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