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Enhance Your LEGO Inventions With Crowbits

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From the creators of CrowPi2, this interesting innovation from Elecrow lets children spark their curiosity through Crowbits — magnetic electronic blocks that unleash your child’s inner inventor.

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Since we’re not sure when schools will open again, this is a great investment for your child’s development should they want to become an engineer or a computer programmer.

Crowbits can serve as a good foundation to build his or her confidence in exploring the realm of science and engineering. Plus, it’s also compatible with LEGO blocks so the amount of creativity that you can put into your inventions are endless.

A Fun Introduction To STEM

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses have become a vital requirement for human advancement and Elecrow has successfully found a way to safely expose young minds to the world of these four disciplines.

With over 80 modules to choose from, children can think of making anything out of their desires, from moving cars, a cellphone and even their own working game.

Teach Coding At A Young Age

These blocks will let your children pick up coding skills as they play around with these electronic blocks. From building simple projects without coding to developing programs and fully functional products, Crowbits makes sure that your child learns something every day.

It comes with five progressive kits:

  • Hello Kit – for introductory hardware inventions like a morse code machine with no coding required
  • Explorer Kit – introduces you to graphical coding for creating basic robots and cars
  • Inventor Kit – focuses on advanced cars and even an ultrasonic guitar
  • Creator Kit – focuses more on hardware and software integrated projects
  • Master Kit – unlocks more complex projects such as making a phone or game console

The blocks also has certified ABS material so it’s proven to be safe and durable. Additionally, these modules also include a custom-built Letscode on Scratch 3.0 if they want to go into more advanced programming.

Crowbits also supports multiple open-source platforms, including Arduino, Micro:bit, ESP32, and Raspberry Pi to meet everyone’s needs.

Currently, they have achieved over 400% funding and they’ve released a fun project that you could do once you get your hands on their Crowbits kits. Get your own kit starting at a super early bird price of $25.90 at Kickstarter.

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