Toys Ahoy: Epic Toy Making Devices & What They Can Create

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Toy making has significantly improved over the years due to technological advancements in field related machinery. Large scale toy manufacturers are gaining competitors from smaller start-up businesses who are taking advantage of these technological advancements on efficient mechanism.

Toy making has become considerably simple, with smaller and more compact machines and devices. These innovative toy making machines provide a convenient way of reducing the toy-making process, which provides a more efficient business operation.

Here are a few of toy-making devices that have revolutionized the industry of toy manufacturing.

3D Print Bobblehead Maker

Bobblehead makers are 3D printers with specialized software designed for Bobblehead making. Bobblehead designs are drafted on a computer and then printed using materials such as:

  • ABS plastic
  • PLA
  • Polyamide (nylon)
  • Glass-filled polyamide
  • Stereolithography materials (epoxy resins)
  • Silver
  • Titanium
  • steel
  • Wax,
  • Photopolymers
  • Polycarbonate

The price of the bobblehead may also depend on the material used.

Custom made bobbleheads stand out the most from all 3D printed bobbleheads due to their evident precision and uniqueness. For this same reason, Custom bobblehead makers get tons of orders from individuals and organizations alike.

A bobblehead maker can create amazing replicas of yourself, pets, or even your friends, which can serve as a unique personalized gift. And due to its incredible precision, the similarities of the replica and the real person is uncanny.

Customised Pillow Toys

Customized pillow toys have been increasingly popular lately. Custom pillow makers can create pillow replicas of favorite pets of any kind, such as cats, dogs, and birds. They can also create human replicas, whether life-sized or miniature.

Just like custom bobbleheads, these personalized pillows can serve as a unique gift. Depending on the materials used, these customized pillow toys can last a long time with proper care.

There are two innovative machines needed to make these toys. The first one is a specialized printer that prints on the fabric used to make the pillow. The second one is an automatic sewing machine, which is incredibly efficient as compared to traditional sewing machines.

The process begins by sending the photos of the person or pet you want to use as a reference. The images should be of high resolution as the makers will print it on a wide fabric that can accommodate life-size creations. Their photos should include the front and back.

Once you provide a suitable photo, the next part is to print the picture on a durable fabric material and have it systematically cut. The final piece will be to sew the printed sides together and fill it with stuffing.

Injection Molding Machine

An Injection molding machine is a machine used for manufacturing plastic toys by the injection molding process. Through this process, the injection machine melts resin pellets with a heated barrel. Once melting is complete, an auger moves the plastic forward and ensures an even mix of melted plastic. The machine then drives the melted plastic into a metal mold, which creates the toy.


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