Essential Video Gaming Stuff for Big Guys

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Video games have reached great popularity within the last few decades, and it has been developing really fast since the beginning of the twenty-first century. It is also a great marketing challenge, as video games are not limited only to the software – they have almost become a part of the culture.

Video gamers know perfectly well that they need a lot of additional equipment that facilitates the time spent playing and simply makes it more pleasant. Getting appropriate and well-adjusted products can be a challenge, especially if a man is tall – some of the items, such as chairs, may not always conform to the big guys’ standards.

What are the items that are essential for such a video gamer? We present a subjective selection of the best gaming equipment that every tall guy will love and find perfect!

1.   An Adjustable Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are getting more and more common not only among video gamers, but they’re also popular with all those who spend hours in front of a screen, for example, at work.

Despite the wide choice, however, some video gaming chairs are too small and uncomfortable for bigger-sized gamers. Remember that a good gaming chair for big guys shouldn’t limit the movements, as video gaming often requires a lot of flexibility and extremely quick reactions.

That’s why a comfortable, high-backed chair is a must for every video game lover. You can find some models like that, for example here.

2.   Comfortable Headphones

Headphones are another item that a video gaming fan couldn’t live without. They are a perfect solution if it’s not possible to play the game with the sound on.

The comfort of wearing gaming headphones is inevitable, as they are worn for long hours, and – similarly to a gaming chair – they shouldn’t limit the movements, either. Therefore, if it’s possible, choose a wireless model of the headphones.

Bigger guys might have a problem choosing appropriate headphones, as their head’s size may not be the standard used by producers. That’s why selecting an easily adjustable pair of headphones is really important. You may find some good-quality models, for example, here.

An alternative to headphones, if they feel uncomfortable, maybe choosing to use earbuds. However, they are not considered healthy for the ears, especially if they’re used for a longer time.

3.   Anti Blue Light Glasses

Everyone who spends some time in front of a screen, no matter if it’s a smartphone, a game console, or a tablet, knows the feeling of having tired eyes well. Is there any solution to this frustrating symptom?

If you feel that your eyes get affected by the blue light, buying special protective glasses can be a great solution. They look similar to traditional sunglasses but are equipped with an additional filter. These glasses can significantly reduce the screen time’s side effects, such as headaches or eye irritation.

Taller guys may also choose anti-blue light glasses, provided that the item is wide enough. If you consider buying it, simply check the size beforehand. Some online shops or opticians offer size adjustment services as well.

4.   A Big-Sized Mouse or Pad

Most gamers use a mouse or a pad for playing. However, bigger men might find it difficult to use these items with the needed precision. That’s why it’s essential to adjust these devices to the size of a gamer’s hand.

Bigger sizes of a pad or a mouse are available on the market, but they’re not so common yet. Therefore, ordering such a device online is the most convenient option.  If you want to take a look at some models of bigger-sized mouses or pads, visit this website.

5.    A High-Resolution Monitor or TV Screen

A high-resolution monitor or TV screen is another essential item for every gamer. It is the base of the high-quality of the game and enables users to participate in it actively. The size of this device is even more important in the case of tall gamers who need to see the screen properly.

If you’re a big gamer, you should invest in a screen that’s relatively big and has adjustable height. In this way, you will be able to follow the game without any problems and unpleasant consequences, such as back pain and spine problems.

In addition to a high-resolution screen, you should also have a good computer monitor mount to help you put your setup together perfectly. Generally, a monitor arm refers to a supportive bracket used to elevate a screen in a way that it helps provide a balance between you, the gadget you’re using, and your gaming environment.

6.    A High-Quality Webcam

If you have plans of streaming your gameplay on different video-streaming platforms or social media channels, then you certainly need a high-quality webcam for your videos. It’s another essential video gaming equipment you should consider to make sure you provide the best visuals for your audience and that they can see your reaction to what’s going on with the game. 

However, if you’re a big guy who’s into video gaming, it’s best to choose a webcam that suits your height. For instance, you may want to consider a webcam with a stand to let you position it at a perfect angle and height. In doing so, you’ll be able to show off your face and hands, thereby giving your audience an impression of how pro you are in terms of video gaming.  


Every person who’s keen on video games loves gadgets that facilitate the game. However, these little devices really do make a difference for bigger and taller gamers, as they need to have the equipment adjusted to their needs. And since video gaming can really be a fun and enjoyable way of de-stressing after long hours of work each day, it’s best to get a few accessories that’ll work best for the gamer’s needs.  

If the devices such as a screen, a mouse, or a pad are the wrong size, playing games might have unpleasant consequences, such as various pains and strains. It’s the most important in the case of a gaming chair, which needs to fit the gamer’s height. When choosing gaming stuff, keep in mind all the guidelines mentioned, and you will be the happiest player in the world!


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