Everything You Need To Know About Printer Toner

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For those who are not particularly in the know about printers, you probably think they are all the same. While they may have the same purpose, the mechanics of the actual printing can differ greatly. This is because there are different types of printers and they require different materials to put your digital file onto paper. 

Currently, the inkjet printer and laser printer are two of the most common types of printers available today. Either one of them can meet your home and commercial printing needs. However, while not immediately obvious, choosing the right printer can save you hundreds of dollars a year on printer consumables which can either be ink or toner. 

What is the Difference Between Toner and Ink?

As mentioned, the two most common types of printers are laser and inkjet. An inkjet printer uses ink or a liquid tinted with dyes or pigments. A laser printer, on the other hand, uses toner which is a fine powder. To understand better, let’s discuss how these two are transferred to paper.


To apply ink onto a piece of paper, inkjet printers use small nozzles that shoot droplets of ink to follow a pattern. These nozzles are similar to tiny water hoses. They all turn on and off a thousand times every second. 

The first reason why consumers are attracted to ink is its initial price. However, if you factor in the cost and frequency of replacing an ink cartridge, you will find that you are spending just the same. But if you use the printer occasionally and don’t do mass printing, then you have nothing to worry about. 

Other benefits of using ink include:

  • Easy to replace as ink cartridges are smaller
  • Cheaper cartridge
  • High-quality photos


A laser printer uses a laser to create a template of your digital file on a metal drum which has an electrostatic charge. The toner powder will then be collected and then transferred onto the paper through this drum. Finally, the paper will be heated to melt the toner and keep the particles in place.

The most notable benefit of using a printer toner is its capability to produce very high-quality prints in no time. It can provide you copies with resolutions from 600 dpi to 1200 dpi. However, it’s not recommended if you were to use the printer for photos. This is because of the powdery nature of a toner cartridge. Now, this doesn’t mean that a laser printer can’t print photos. This simply means that it can’t produce the same quality as that of ink. 

Other benefits of using toner include:

  • Smear and smudge-free prints even when in contact with water
  • Fast printing of documents (can produce 100 prints per minute)
  • High volume prints 

What is Printer Toner?

Toner is a powder that is mostly composed of polyester – which is a type of plastic. This polyester powder has a static charge, allowing it to stick to everything with an opposite charge. It doesn’t stain as an ink cartridge does but it can still get messy if not handled properly. 

Monochrome laser printers use only black toner. For color laser printers, they require 4 toner colors such as black, cyan, yellow, and magenta. 

Why Choose a Printer Toner?

Now that you know the difference between ink and toner, let’s look at which one is better for you. Usually, consumers consider the price to make their decision. This is why more people turn to inkjet printers as they are sold at less than $100. On the other hand, the cheapest laser printer that prints in monochrome still costs more than $100. For color laser printers, the cost will be at least twice as much. 

However, while laser printers have a bigger initial cost, their cartridges can last longer than those of ink. This is what makes them a better choice when you need to print in mass quantities or have to print regularly. For example, if you are operating a law firm, using a toner will be more beneficial for you. But if you are just printing short documents occasionally, then an inkjet printer will suffice. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the average life of an inkjet printer is only 2 to 3 years but a laser printer with a toner cartridge can last approximately five years.  

Where to Buy a Printer Toner?

Similar to ink, toners are also widely available today as most office supply shops offer them. You can also order one from the company you bought your printer from. If you don’t want to go out, toners are also sold online. Just make sure you are transacting with a reliable website. 

If you are looking for a printer toner in Australia, you may check out Office Corporate. They offer affordable toners as well as drums for your laser printer. More importantly, they provide friendly and personalised service to fit your needs. They can deliver all over Australia too.


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