Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Hardware In One Place

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Our computers are such an important part of our lives. It can be almost impossible to complete your daily tasks without the use of a computer. Whether you are using a computer to study, to work, or just to chat with friends and families, they have become critical tools for us all. Desktop computers are usually the best choice for home computers as they have various advantages over laptops. Desktops use the same software as laptops, but where the differences come in is with the hardware.

For everyone who is unfamiliar with the different gadgets and gizmos which a desktop computer needs, here is everything you always wanted to know about hardware in one place.

1. The Computer Tower

The computer tower (or computer case as it is sometimes called) is what houses the actual CPU (central processing unit). Most desktops come with a vertical computer tower, although there are some models which are designed horizontally so that you can fit them more easily on your shelf or in your computer cabinet. Towers are usually made out of hardened plastic or metal and can either sit next to your monitor, on a shelf, or on the floor.

2. The Motherboard

The motherboard of your computer (sometimes referred to as the main board) provides the CPU and all the additional hardware components with the power they need to work. The motherboard is what enables all of the different hardware components to work in tandem to perform your computer’s necessary processes.

3. The CPU

The CPU operates as the brains of your computer. It is the hardware that enables your computer to calculate and process information, run programs effectively, and keep the whole system operating as it should. The CPU itself is actually surprisingly small and is able to fit neatly into the motherboard. Different computers have different CPUs and the capabilities of the CPU will have a big effect on both the performance and the price of a computer.

4. The Memory

Many computer users know the word RAM without actually knowing what it refers to. RAM means “random access memory” and it is what enables your computer to perform its processes. The system memory is very important because the more RAM there is, the faster your computer will be as there will be a greater number of processes that can be done simultaneously. Many people confuse RAM with storage, but they are completely different.

5. The Hard Drive

The hard drive is where you store everything on your computer. This includes programs, data, files, operating system files, and everything else. In order to run the software, you have to first install it on your hard drive. When your hard drive is full, you won’t be able to store anything else on your computer, and its performance may also suffer. Computers come with various hard drive capacities, but you can add an external hard drive to increase the capacity.

6. The Graphics Card

Your computer’s graphics card is the hardware element that enables images to be displayed on the monitor. Like the CPU, the graphics card plugs directly into the motherboard so that it can run efficiently. There are different specifications of graphics cards available and the price varies with the quality of the card. The latest, high definition games and movies require a top of the line graphics card in order to produce the required images.

7. The Monitor

The computer monitor is the screen with which you can operate the computer. The monitor’s resolution is what dictates the clarity of how the images are displayed. It doesn’t matter if you have the best graphics card in the world, if you have a low resolution monitor, the picture will still be bad. Large monitors with high resolutions are more expensive but are worth the extra cost if you are a serious gamer or use your computer for photography or design. The newest monitors now come with touch screen capabilities which makes using your computer super easy.

8. The Mouse and Keyboard

The computer’s mouse and keyboard are what enable you to manipulate the cursor and type text. Without these hardware components, it would be impossible to click on programs, browse the internet, write emails, or any of the other things you use your computer for. In the past, the mouse and keyboard were plugged into the computer tower with a lead, but now they can be connected wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

There is so much useful hardware which you need to build a great computer. From necessary elements like the keyboard and mouse to high-tech components like the CPU and graphics card, it is also important that you check all of the hardware component compatibility before you buy a computer. It will save you more time and money.


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