Everything You Need To Know About Display Homes

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As you start the home-search process, you may come across a display home. These are properties that are built first, usually at the front of a neighborhood, and are used for sales purposes. When buyers fall in love with the display, they will buy a house in the neighborhood knowing it will look like it. But can you actually buy the display house—and should you? Learn more about these structures by reading on.

Display properties have all of the features.

The purpose of display homes is to win over potential buyers. This means the properties have to offer something for everyone. This includes a large master bedroom, luxury bath amenities, and other features like pools and patios. Designers will roll out all of the bells and whistles to make the display look like a dream property.

Most homes in the neighborhood won’t have all of these features. They might have a smaller floor plan, or a buyer will opt out of luxury amenities like pools to save money. If you are interested in buying the display, then you might have one of the nicest houses in the neighborhood.

You can buy the display.

The display is for sale. The salesperson you meet with when looking at a new home will try to sell you any property in the neighborhood. If selling the display means getting you to say yes, then they are on board. If you are the first person to make an offer on the property and your financing goes through, then the house is yours.

When you are ready to sell the house, you can list it on the market like any other property. In many cases, listing it as a display can increase the interest and value of the home.

Display properties will get leased back to builders.

While you can immediately buy a home that is on display, you might not be able to move into it. There is only one display model per property, and the salesperson assigned to the neighborhood needs to use it to provide tours. In fact, you may need to wait several months before you can move in.

During this time, your home becomes an investment property. Many display houses come with leasing contractors with the building company. The builders will pay to continue using your home as a marketing tool in order to fill the neighborhood. These are great tenants. They don’t actually live on your property, they are responsible for all repairs and maintenance, and they will do their best to keep it in top-notch shape. Meanwhile, you can profit from the rental income and continue living where you are.

If you don’t have an immediate move-out date on your home, consider investing in a display property.

You might end up paying more.

Out of all the modular homes in a neighborhood, the display piece is typically the most expensive. This is because it has the highest square footage to show off all potential amenities and layout options. Each additional feature also increases the home’s value.

If you are buying existing construction in a particular neighborhood, the display house will likely list for more than others in the neighborhood. This is good news for people selling it, but it means the house could be out of your budget if you aren’t careful.

Many people love living in display properties and enjoy the benefits of having a larger home with multiple amenities. However, this home style isn’t right for everyone. You may experience issues if you need to move in quickly and can’t wait for the builders to stop marketing the property. You also might not want the most expensive house in the neighborhood. Like any property investment, ask questions when talking to salespeople so you know what to expect.


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