Knowledge: Exciting Gadgets & Toys For Kids & Adults

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There are many cool toys in the world. Some of them are beautiful, legendary, with a story, large, small, soft, and wooden, etc. They help children and adults to spend a good time.

All adults remain children for the rest of their lives. Even a serious businessman at a certain time can enthusiastically play children’s games or consider interesting toys. Psychologists say that for general relaxation and stress relief, it is enough to plunge into the world of childhood at least once a week. To do this, it is not needed to go to the playground and ride on a swing there, and it is enough to have a couple of your favourite toys in your house. If you want to get amazing toys, RC planes are best for you. Based on this theory, one of the good birthdays presents for your friends can be a creative game or a toy.

Toy creation

Especially for such cases, many companies create amazing animal figures from wood, packed in beautiful tin cans stuffed with straw. People also create exciting games that are great to play in a pleasant company.

But the English company Wild & Wolf produces goods from a rich collection of items for the home and garden of the Victoria and Albert Museum. Many items, such as tools and an alarm clock, are decorated with prints by William Morris. If you want to learn more about adult toys, follow the guide.

Interesting Swiss Cuboro designers are sets of wooden cubes measuring 5x5x5 cm, inside and on the surface of which tunnels and paths are laid along which marble balls roll. The designer is also intended for adults and is so exciting that Cuboro championships have been held for many years in many countries.


Do you like to play chess? If you do, we have some great suggestions for you! The chess is not easy, because Joseph Hartwig, the head of the Bauhaus wood and stone workshop in 1924, encrypted the algorithm of their movement in these chess pieces. Another design genius, Jost Schmidt, came up with a box for them.

Look at an interesting and unusual colouring from the famous illustrators, in which there are absolutely no restrictions for creativity. Some people painted only a variety of dishes. Following are some toys recommendations for adults and children.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles usually get boring right after they are assembled. Another thing is the French Janod magnetic puzzles, which are not only fascinating but also instructive. For example, the wall-mounted puzzle “World Map” helps a child learn about geography, especially countries, as well as animals living on different continents.

Anatomical Drawing

The anatomical drawings of fairy-tale heroes look funny and unusual, which the American designer Jason Freeny tried to draw. He published his almost scientific works in the form of incredibly beautiful posters on rare cotton paper and provided each poster with a personal autograph.

Exclusive Arts

Naef designers have long been considered objects of design art. They are still made manually and exclusively in some countries.

Wonderful pocket microscopes

These wonderful pocket microscopes will help young naturalists to carry out fascinating research of spider bugs.

Japanese wooden Woody Puddy product sets

But all the records are beaten by the Japanese wooden Woody Puddy product sets, which allow little chefs to reach real heights of “culinary excellence”! This is not just a toy – it imitates real products because all of them are already cut and mounted on magnets. These products can truly “cut”, “mix” and “cook” the fanciest dishes.

You are never really out of your age to play: the core target group maybe a year or two, but with the right toys, almost everyone becomes a child again. We have found the coolest gadgets that are guaranteed to tease out the play instinct believed to have been lost in adults.

Special virtual reality glasses

Special virtual reality glasses from Lenovo in conjunction with a high-quality lightsabre and a direction finder. Connected to your smartphone, enjoy Star Wars takes at your home. The lightsabre fights merge the real and digital world fascinatingly. You can also play 3D holo chess with data glasses. Rebel ground campaigns against the Empire can also command Jedi challenge set owners as strategists. The figures appear lively through the glasses in your own home. For example, the dining table or carpet becomes a battlefield. Great fun for big and small Jedi knights. But it is also an expensive thing.

Flying something is more beautiful – Quadcopter

The Quadcopter from Carrera RC is “Ready to fly”. That means it does not have to be complex but is ready for the maiden flight after a few minutes. Just as easy for beginners, the level of difficulty of the control can be adjusted to your taste. This enables 3D loops as well as a safe flight with automatic flight altitude. The quadcopter is nevertheless built so stably that it can withstand even small crashes by beginners. The futuristic aircraft is interesting not only for hobby pilots but also for photo and video fans. The drone can create images in 720p resolution (HD quality) thanks to the built-in camera. But that’s not all, and the camera recordings can be viewed in real-time on the smartphone from close up.

Robot friend – Anki Cozmo

The cutest robot since WALL-E and BB-8 warms the hearts of young and olds. Even hardened adults melt away when Cozmo shines at them with his blue eyes and addresses them by their first name. The basic idea is reminiscent of Tamagotchi. According to the makers of Anki, Cozmo is intelligently learning more and more. Cozmo not only plays with the three interactive cubes (power cubes) but also with games that can be controlled via a smartphone app. That’s a good thing because Cozmo has its personality and if you ignore it for too long, it pouts. With his emotional reactions and the cute noises he makes, Cozmo is guaranteed to make new friends.

ICONBIT Smart Scooter ECO E-Board

The vehicle is reminiscent of the scene from “Back to the Future II”, in which Michael J. Fox is travelling on a hoverboard, i.e. a flying skateboard. The Smart Scooter ECO E-Board from Iconbit cannot fly, but it can move with a self-balancing. It is a transverse board, seemingly weightless, feels similarly visionary. The roller board is steered like a Segway scooter, only without a pole. If you move the upper body forward, it goes forward. The board slows backwards. Weight shifting with the feet steers left or right. While the kids get on and drive off, the older ones usually need more driving hours. However, there is already a legislative proposal for new regulation.


This guide will help you to choose exciting toys for you to relieve your mental stress and have some joy with it. Therefore, these worldwide collections of artistic toys are rarely made for you if you like to spend some of your time with toys.


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