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Facial Recognition Used on Smart Pet Door: Critter-Proof Tech

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Article Summary
  • Smart pet door changes the conventional way of identifying pets.
  • The new smart door uses facial recognition to identify pets and critters.
  • The smart door can send alerts when unwanted critters might be nearby.

Facial recognition doesn’t just work for people, it works for pets too! The Petvation smart door gives your pets access to the pet door while making sure critters or unwanted animals can’t get through.

Having a pet door in place could be a huge timesaver since pets are free to use the yard for bathroom breaks without the owner having to open the door all the time. For pets in training, pet doors are a good way for owners to potty train them since owners can easily point to the door when the pet needs to go to the bathroom.

The problems with using a pet door include the possibility of critters getting in. If only there was a way for pet doors to intelligently identify the pet by its face in order to ensure that they are the only ones that can enter or exit.

Smart Pet Door Identifies Pets Through 120-Degree View

Luckily, Petvation has come up with a solution. Instead of just any creature coming through the door, it uses artificial intelligence to employ facial recognition to ensure that the only ones that can come through the smart pet door are your dog, your cat, or other pets you might have.

Smart pet doors are a daily new technology that relies on either reading the pet’s embedded microchip or a special electronic collar for digital identification. The new technology, however, doesn’t use collars but rather identifies the pet based on its facial features.

Petvation uses an array of infrared cameras located on both sides of the door with a 120-degree view and IR-boosting illumination in order to properly read and identify the pet based on its appearance. This is the same technology being used in smartphones in order to identify the user’s face and provide them instant access to their device.

Smart Pet Door Sends Owners Alerts When Critters are Snooping Around

Petvation learns how to identify the owner’s pet dog or cat while improving its identifying technology in order to identify multiple pets within the same home. Of course, the AI-powered system isn’t just limited to dogs or cats.

Quite interestingly, the smart door is also capable of recognizing squirrels, raccoons, and skunks. When the door identifies these critters, humans are then sent alerts regarding the unwanted intruders that might be lurking around the house.

Although this sounds like an awesome product that should already be on the market, the truth is that Petvation is still in its crowdfunding phase. The smart door has been launched on Kickstarter and has already passed its funding goal.

The smart door is priced at $179 for “early bird” contributors. Buyers should be careful, however, since this isn’t an actual product just yet and is still only available through crowdfunding.


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