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Faro Helmet Review – A Bike Helmet For 2021

The Faro is an upscale bike/scooter helmet that's comfortable, sturdy, and easy on the eyes. It also comes with a plethora of extra safety features, such as large front and rear lights, controllable RGB lights on the back, and an innovative fall detection system that's capable of sending SOS messages in an emergency. 
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Faro Quick Review


The Faro is more than just a stylish helmet with a few bright lights slapped on. Its comfortable build, handy smartphone app, and well-thought-out design come together seamlessly to ensure your ride is as safe as can be. Looking good ends up being the icing on the cake.



  • Bright, large lights that are easily visible
  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable build
  • App has some cool features like the fall detection system


  • Relatively expensive

When it comes to riding a bicycle, scooter, or any vehicle for that matter, there’s nothing more important than safety, which is why investing in the right helmet is one of the first things you should do. Problem is, most bike/scooter helmets can be pretty hard on the eyes and don’t do much beyond protecting the rider’s head.

With the Faro smart helmet, you won’t be settling for a lacklustre design and you’ll also be getting premium comfort and state-of-the-art safety systems, some of which you’d only expect from motorcycles and cars. In this Faro Helmet review, we’ll be taking the helmet apart to see exactly what it has to offer.

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Faro is a cutting-edge smart helmet created by Unit 1 – a direct-to-consumer (DTC) company based in the US that develops “disruptive tech-enabled products for Urban Mobility & Action Sports.” With the Faro, they’ve added a bit of style to a product that isn’t exactly known for being good-looking and fitted it with some impressive tech that makes it safer and more comfortable than other helmets on the market.

This helmet not only comes with cycling lights on both its back and front, but they’re also far larger and therefore much more visible than most other vehicle lighting solutions on the market. Controlling the lights is a breeze as well, thanks to a nifty little add-on that puts the controls right at your fingertips.

Faro’s safety features don’t stop at a tough shell and bright lights, either. The helmet ships with a companion app that tracks different aspects of your rides and even has an innovative fall detection feature that might just save your life in the unfortunate case of an accident.


Rear and Front Lights

As opposed to most lights that are smaller and positioned lower, Faro offers larger and brighter lights that are placed at eye-level, making them as visible to other people as possible.

Fabric Liner/Hidden Lights

The back portion of the helmet has a tasteful strip of tear-proof and water-proof fabric that’s both sleek-looking and functional. The functional part is on account of the 40 lights that are hidden behind the fabric which are app-controlled and come with a multitude of different flashing patterns and RGB colours.

Comfortable Design

Unit 1 designed the Faro with comfort in mind, adding an excellent ventilation system for maximum breathability, along with a flexible fitting system and a sturdy magnetic buckle for easy locking.

The Faro App

The Faro smartphone app allows users to customize the helmet’s lights and sensors, as well as track the different parts of their trips, like distance, pace, and CO2 prevention. It also comes with a fantastic fall detection feature that anticipates a response after a hard fall and sends out an SOS message to pre-determined contact in case no response is given.

Navigation Remote

Controlling the lights on your Faro helmet couldn’t be easier, thanks to an optional navigation remote add-on that allows you to use turn signals and your automatic brake lights while you’re on the road.



LED 15 white, 15 red, 46 RGB
Total Output 500 Lumens
Weight 480 g
Construction ABS + PC Shell + EPS Liner
Ventilation 5 Vents
Waterproofing IPX6
Capacity 1850 MAh
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium-ion
Duration Up to 15 hours
Full Charge 3 hours
Charging Port USB Type-C
Certifications CPSC, EN1078, AS NZS 2063:2008


One of the primary selling-points of the Faro Helmet is its departure from the mundane and often unattractive designs that are often associated with bike and scooter helmets.

Instead of opting for the more common angular structure and ultra-bright paint job, Faro utilizes a sleeker and more urban-friendly aesthetic that would go just as well with your smart-casual outfit as it would with a sports getup.

The vents remain largely out of sight as they sit along the top part of the helmet and the mesh fabric on the lower portion looks classy and hides the lights well for whenever they’re not in use.

As for different colours, the Faro comes in four, all of which sport a matte-like finish. They have slightly confusing names so I’ll simplify them for you. “Blackbird” is essentially back, “Maverick” is dark blue, “Juniper” is olive green, and “Stingray” is grey.


If you’re looking for a bicycle or scooter helmet that does more than act like a hardhat and puts a whole lot of effort into looking and feeling good, the Faro Helmet is just the ticket. Not only does its sleek, low-profile design work with pretty much any outfit, but its strategically-placed lights and larger bulbs make riders easier to see from every angle.

And as a huge plus, it comes with a smartphone app that’s capable of tracking ride progress and can even send SOS messages after an accident which is a game-changer. Its price tag is a fair bit higher than most helmets in the market, but for all of its features, it’s well worth it. You can’t put a price on safety especially when it’s this stylish.


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