FiberSense – Everything You Need to Know

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With so many advancements in technology, it seems that our next-generation inventions are just around the corner. Currently, these advancements have made it possible to have something that may be considered as a sixth sense.

This groundbreaking technology is called VIDAR, which is designed to change the way we sense or respond in public spaces. VIDAR simply stands for Vibration Detection and Ranging. It’s a next-level sensory system that’s designed for visualizing, recording, and labeling objects.

Moreover, this system does this in real-time and functions by capturing then analyzing any vibrations within wide geographical grids. And this system does this through the help of fiber optic cables.

So, what is FiberSense? Well, as you have read, this is what the VIDAR sensory system uses to track and analyze any incoming vibrations. This new generation of sensory capabilities is a step up from the previous big three sensory systems that took the world by storm a few decades ago.

They include:

  • RADAR – Radio Detection and Ranging
  • SONAR – Sound Navigation and Ranging
  • LIDAR – Light Detection and Ranging

VIDAR still incorporates some essential elements of RADAR and SONAR but this new sensory system goes a step further to do real-time detection of events and objects. It does this as a complete gapless fabric in all public places, which includes huge cities and towns.


This new sensory system is highly effective because it operates with the help of two efficient industries. These include the huge optical fiber cable networks that are responsible for transmitting the internet and the highly responsive optical fiber technology. Additionally, this new sensory technology is highly dependable on its capabilities.

This means that VIDAR doesn’t depend on video recordings, facial recognition, or cameras to fulfill its purposes. It simply uses FiberSense to index or detect objects and events by time and location, making it highly accurate.

The VIDAR sensory system is not just another Internet of Things because it goes deeper to give you a detailed picture of what’s coming. And with no special equipment on the objects being

detected or events being digitized, it can be said that VIDAR is a highly innovative idea capable of changing how we view and do things.

Using sensing fabric, this system can capture all events and objects in the sensing location in a third party, and in real-time without any gaps.

What it Offers

With every technological advancement, we always seek to better how we are living in the present. And by doing so, we try to create a better future that’s more secure, efficient, and productive. These are some of the benefits that come with this new sensory system as it can demonstrate a wide range of security, productivity, efficiency, and safety.

And these benefits are all experienced across a wide range of stakeholders that use the public spaces in the cities. Like mentioned earlier, the application of FiberSense on VIDAR is like you have a sixth sense.

You’ll be able to see a car progressing from a blind corner, and within seconds the car will be in front of you. This is highly essential in large cities and can help improve people’s safety throughout the day.



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