Four Gadgets College Students Think They Need But Don’t

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We buy many things that we don’t need in college. We might overspend on eating out or get the coolest clothing item to only wear it once. As students, we’re tempted to do this because summer sales are here, and the discounts are ravishing. They’re almost speaking to us, so naturally, we sign up for everything and buy anything that captures our eye. This year, avoid falling into this trap by setting goals and clearly stating what you need/don’t need this year.

Making your own checklist before going shopping is an absolute necessity. It will prevent you from overspending and help you stay within your budget. Today, we’ll look at four of the most attractive gadgets you think you need – but you actually don’t. And then, we’ll design a financial plan for the year to come. Sounds good?

What Do I Think I need… But Actually Don’t?

Based on our personal experience, we came up with a list of potential tech gadgets you might want to spend money on. Yes, I know, spending money feels amazing, but you could always save this money and invest in something that you actually need.

  1. A printer. You don’t need a printer since you could always use your school’s device. You could print your custom research papers for zero money, therefore, and avoid stressing out about an extra cost. Also, if you don’t know by now, you can reach out to a research paper academy if you need help finishing your essay on time. If you’re sick or having a bad day, you’ve got to prioritize your health, so writers here will be able to help you. These online agencies are run by students for students and thus, offer cheap custom research papers for anyone in need. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help when you need it the most.
  2. An external hard drive. You can save your notes, essays, projects, documents on Google Drive or Dropbox. You don’t need an external hard drive (especially an expensive one). You can use the online version of a hard drive and access your documents anywhere.
  3. A TV. Most tv shows, movies, videos, etc., can be watched online straight from your computer, so don’t bother spending extra money on a TV. You don’t need it.
  4. Brand name headphones. Headphones, yes, brand name headphones, not necessarily. They might be of higher quality, but you could do without them.

How Can I Design a Financial Plan for This School Year?

If you’re a freshman, this might be the perfect guide for you. If you’re a sophomore and so on, you could still benefit from this advice. However, as a freshman, you might be a big overspender, since you don’t know what to expect. Let’s check out the following advice together – if you’ve got questions or comments, reach out and ask.

  • Think about the initial costs. Many first-year students forget to consider this, but you really can’t. If you don’t carefully consider all of your costs, you’ll end up without money or in debt even. You will need kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, laundry-related products, and toiletries. If you want to decorate your room nicely, calculate those expenses as well. Don’t forget about your bed sheets and covers.
  • Consider the expenses that you’re paying as you go. Since you’ve moved out, you might need to pay your phone expenses on your own. Plus, if you’re making new friends (and don’t worry, you will), you might want to dine outside the campus. Take that into consideration. Also, if you want to go out for a movie or to the beach, you might need some extra pocket money.
  • It would be a great idea to own a car if you’re living in a slightly remote area where no public transportation is available. That being said, include your transportation costs into your monthly budget, whether that’s public transportation or gas money.
  • You need health insurance no matter what. In case something happens to you, you must be able to check-in at the nearest medical unit. Buy your health insurance ahead of time and make sure you’ve got enough funds to make monthly payments.
  • Books, supplies, etc. Books are expensive, so make sure you’re reaching out to your professors ahead of time. Ask them if they’ve got a cheaper version of the necessary educational supplies. If they don’t, you could always rent books.
  • Unexpected expenses. Sometimes, circumstances change, and unexpected events come up. Leave some money aside for those, too. Who knows, you might want to sign up for a trip or go hiking!

Wrapping Up

Don’t buy a printer, TV, hard drive, or expensive headphones – you might think you need them, but you don’t. Also, make a financial plan for your academic year and stick to it!


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