Four Ways Outplacement Tech Helps Everyone

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Getting laid off or letting employees go is one of the worst parts of a human resource manager’s job. Worse, an angry former employee who’s been displaced during a layoff is not going to be happy. As an HR department, you need to ensure the employee receives a high-quality severance package and is taken care of after employment ends. Using outplacement as part of the severance package is a good way to prevent potential legal problems, reputational loss, and improve morale among remaining employees.

It also helps former employees find new work quickly within their career field. But you shouldn’t just choose any old outplacement firm. You need to find a reputable one that will leverage technology to help candidates land work quickly. As an HR department, you want to ensure your employees are being well cared for by the but also ensure you are getting the proper value from the service for which you’ve paid. There are many technical benefits of using and how outplacement services will help you assess just that. Here are a few of them.

Why Use Outplacement?

There are plenty of reasons to use outplacement. For employers, it helps prevent legal issues, stop negative reviews in their tracks, maintain a better sense of morale among remaining staff, and ultimately help the displaced employee find new roles in different companies. Often using a three-person team of professional coaches, outplacement services seek to

Outplacement coaches help candidates write unique, customized resumes that tell the candidate’s skills, story, and ability to thrive at a new position. Transition coaches who genuinely care about candidates help guide them through the topsy turvy world of finding new employment in the modern age. Whether it’s through coaching them on current, up-to-date techniques, honing job interview skills, or supplying leads on jobs within their fields, this coach is an invaluable asset.

A perk of modern outplacement is focusing on tech and remote assistance to ensure candidates can comfortably complete their job search from the comfort of home. Some firms offer online portals or proprietary platforms that allow candidates to log in remotely, video conference with their coaches, and participate in their own job search through the power of communication technology.

Preparation For Remote Work

Remote work—despite some of the resistance large, antiquated companies seem to have regarding it—isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. One could potentially make the argument that remote work is the future of some types of industries. Regardless, it’s definitely here to stay, and potential candidates may want to explore work from home roles.

Modern outplacement is equipped to handle such things, from their own remote interfaces to preparing candidates on how to effectively communicate, interview, and learn to work from a remote location. Along with learning how to manage contacts, outplacement prepares candidates for remote work via coaching and branding solutions intended to help them succeed in their new path.

Fast Job Placement

Job seekers will have an easier time landing new roles that fit their own goals and previous work history. There’s a much higher level of accessibility to resources, too. Instead of pounding the pavement all day and reading want ads or job boards to find work, outplacement users get the benefit of myriad online resources.

These might include career-specific job boards, real-time chats, webinars, schedulers, tip sheets, and updated resources that help job seekers understand the needs of specific industries. Instead of randomly finding a job that might fit, technology aggregates relevant jobs based on the user.

Regardless of their experience, former career level, and industry, intelligent outplacement can help them find a job fast with an amazing array of useful technology services.

Analytics and Results

If you’re part of an HR department looking to maximize the value of the outplacement services you’re already paying for, then having a direct line of insight into the firm’s results is incredibly important. Using tech-based outplacement services gives you a direct line of sight into those results.

On the candidate’s end, a virtual hub lets them see how they’re doing, gauge their readiness for a new role, and learn valuable new skills. On the employer’s end, an outplacement service can generate and send analytics/results to them so they can see performance tracking safely and securely.

Reporting and Trend Analysis

Data is always a driving force in any value assessment. Before choosing your outplacement service, be sure to see what type of data and feedback they can provide about the efficiency of placing your former employees. It’s vital to treat your outplacement firm as a collaborative partner in getting former employees into new roles quickly. The faster they land new roles, the more improvement current employees have in morale and it’s less likely for former employees to create reputation problems later on.

Look for a service that actually works with you, providing detailed data and reports about what they’re doing. This way, you can assess the kind of value you’re getting, improve the lives of former employees, and keep track of outplacement performance in real-time.


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