10 Hi-tech Gadgets for Indoor Gardening Enthusiasts

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If you’re a die-hard gardening enthusiast, you must have already browsed enough insta-posts about gardening, and people flaunting their spectacular indoor gardens.

The tips and tricks are fine but aren’t you wondering about the fancy hi-tech gardening apparatus sprouting around the social media.

We have scavenged the gadget world to introduce the top 10 hi-tech gadgets for indoor gardening.

Watering Apparatus

Watering apparatus are quite uncomplicated, in terms of design, technology and use. You just need to insert the ceramic spike connected to a water store inside the plant container, and simply forget about the hassle of watering for a couple of days. The plants will get sufficient water supply and you can stop worrying about any mess due to overwatering.


In a very general sense, grow-lights in an indoor garden are synonymous to sun-light light. You can use these lights for keeping those plants alive indoors which otherwise need full sunshine. These lights come as bright LED bars or globes. Most of the brands of grow-lights offer affordable versions.

We recommend you to check out the high-end grow-lights from Soltech. They are quite subtle and elegant in looks, and have a natural warm white glow.

Plant Monitors

Gadgets with plant-monitoring systems can be life-savers. If you have tried indoor gardening before but failed to keep the plants from thriving beyond a few weeks, you must try once with a plant monitor. You can set the apparatus according to the plant variety and it will keep you updated with all vital parameters.

Flower Care from Xiaomi and Plant Power from Parrot are some plant monitors that are handy and still easy on the pocket.

Soil Monitors

Most often, indoor plants are lost to overwatering and root decay. Soil monitors check the moisture in the soil and indicate whether the plant needs watering. There are many versions in the market including battery-operated as well as mechanical ones. These gadgets are useful for people with no experience of gardening.

Light Monitors

Inadequate light exposure or less than ideal lighting can stifle an indoor harvest very quickly. Once you have the light sensitivity of the plant measured, you can reposition the plant to a place with the most ideal lighting.

Self-watering Pots

Self-watering pots are indoor plant management gadgets designed for convenience. The built-in system also monitors water requirement and soil condition. The arrangement is simple enough to occupy little space on the corner table. PlantMaid and Parrot Pot are some of the trusted brands of automatic watering planters, and the latest rage among indoor gardening lovers.

Plant Growing Systems

Aerogarden, Urbotanica and Click and Grow have launched innovative plant growing systems which need absolutely no tending. The automatic lighting and watering system facilitates quick growth and thriving plants. Everything is taken care of using the associated apps, which you can control remotely.

Air purifiers

Indoor plants are often preferred due to their air-purifying qualities. Vitesy’s Natede Smart Natural Air purifier can enhance this natural power of indoor plants even further. The air purifier-cum-tabletop planter is designed with a self-watering feature as well as air quality and humidity monitor.


Hydroponics technology uses mineral-rich circulating water and no soil for growing indoor plants. Modern sprout’s Hydro Planter is one of the affordable and basic hydroponic systems. If you are looking for a full-feature hydroponic set up with plant-monitoring, you should consider the products from Miracle-Gro and ZeroSoil.

Rotating Farm-bed

Can you imagine about 5 feet of growing area, which occupies only 15 inches of area on your kitchen counter? This isn’t science fiction! It is Bace’s Rotofarm – a revolutionary automatic rotating farm-bed designed for indoor gardening. You can keep the cordless tiller aside now because you wouldn’t need to step out in the backyard herb-farm. The Rotofarm uses soil-free, automatic light adjustments and claims that plants can grow faster in the anti-gravity environment.



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