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GAMMA Review: All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket

Using award-winning graphene material, the GAMMA jacket’s thermoregulating properties make it perfect for frigid weather, tropical climates, and everything in between. But it doesn’t stop there. The same material makes the jacket extraordinarily durable, allowing it to keep up with even the most active of lifestyles.
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GAMMA: All-Season Graphene Infused Heated Jacket
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The GAMMA ticks all the right boxes as far as an all-weather jacket is concerned. It’s amazingly sturdy, breathable, and is both anti-odour and hypoallergenic. Its graphene-incorporated design makes it great for warm or extremely cold environments. And to top it all off, it just looks really snazzy. If you were asked to pick the last jacket you’d ever wear, the GAMMA should probably be it.



  • Perfect for both warm and cold weather
  • You can connect a power bank to it for extra heating
  • Unmatched durability


  • Pretty expensive

Whether you live in the tropics or in a country with four seasons, having a quality jacket is an invaluable asset. Problem is, it’s often tough to decide what kind of jacket you’d like to go with. Puffy jackets are usually way too big and can run hot if the weather’s not as cold as you thought it’d be, while a zip-up hoodie isn’t the best choice against rain or low-degree weather. If you’re looking for an all-around jacket that works well in all kinds of climates, then the GAMMA aims to be just that.

This all-season graphene-infused heated jacket utilizes a Nobel prize-winning material to provide you with a comfortable experience no matter the weather. It’s also remarkably lightweight and highly resistant to the elements as well as odour and germs. In this GAMMA review, we’re going to find out if it truly makes good on all of its lofty promises or if it’s just riding on the coattails of the innovative material it’s made out of.

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GAMMA was designed and developed by Wear Graphene – a Honk Kong-based company that’s committed to creating clothes that blend cutting-edge technology with style and sustainability. Their latest innovation is a Graphene-laced jacket that can be worn in any climate for any activity. It’s capable of adapting to the needs of your body, cooling you down or warming you up depending on the situation.

It’s also both water and wind-resistant, making it great for sports and other strenuous activities, and it’s anti-odour/antimicrobial to boot. You won’t have to worry about comfort either, since the GAMMA is incredibly lightweight and surprisingly thin, despite sporting an impressive number of pockets all around. And if you need an extra bit of heating to stay toasty, the jacket features built-in heating that’ll keep you warm in even the coldest of weather.


Graphene-Infused Material

The GAMMA’s graphene mesh fabric allows for a smart heat insulation and regulation system where it wicks moisture and effectively dissipates heat through its pores to cool down your torso in hotter climates. Inversely, it’s able to spread your body heat throughout the jacket to help warm you up when you’re facing some cold weather.

Built-In Heating

If you find yourself in some serious cold and need a little extra warmth, the GAMMA has three heating elements made out of carbon fibre built right into the jacket. You can set them to overdrive by connecting the jacket to a power bank, giving you instant warmth without worrying about it getting too hot for comfort.

10-Pocket Activewear Design

Between the front, arm, chest, and hidden pockets, the GAMMA has ten storage spaces to hold everything you might need for a fun trek through the woods or an exciting ski trip with the family.

Breathable Fabric

The way the GAMMA was designed allows it to wick moisture from your skin and usher warmer air outwards from the jacket, leaving you feeling fresh and cool even in warmer weather.

High Durability

The graphene structure surpasses that of metal or diamond, giving the jacket an unrivalled level of durability. Expect the GAMMA to easily survive decades of wear and tear.


Worried that using the same jacket in all kinds of weather will leave it smelling funky? Well, you’ll be glad to know that the GAMMA is completely anti-odour, blocking out the microbes responsible for bad smells so the jacket remains nice and fresh at all times.


Choosing the right clothes if you suffer from sensitive skin can be a tall order, which is what makes the GAMMA’s hypoallergenic characteristics so important. Since it’s totally resistant to any form of allergen or skin mites, you can wear it no matter your skin type.


UV protection in jackets is an extremely understated quality, which is why Wear Graphene decided to make the GAMMA completely UV-proof. Since the jacket was developed to be worn even in sunny weather, it’s only right that you get proper protection from sunlight.

GAMMA Graphene Jacket Sleeves



Chest Sleeve Length
WOMEN’S XS 77.5 80
WOMEN’S S / MEN’S XS 85 81.5
WOMEN’S M / MEN’S S 92.5 83
WOMEN’S L / MEN’S M 100 84.5
WOMEN’S XL / MEN’S L 107.5 86
WOMEN’S 2XL / MEN’S XL 117.5 87.5
WOMEN’S 3XL / MEN’S 2XL 127.5 89
WOMEN’S 4XL / MEN’S 3X; 139.5 91.5

Power Bank Settings

Power Bank / °C Setting 40°C 50°C 60°C
5000 mAh 5.5 hours 3 hours 2 hours
10000 mAh 11 hours 5.5 hours 4 hours
20000 mAh 22 hours 11 hours 8 hours

Build & Design

Unlike most high-durability jackets meant for extreme climates, the GAMMA isn’t bulky and riddled with too many overly visible pockets. It’s surprisingly slim given how durable it is and its jet-black colour scheme mixed with its low-profile design make it perfect for both casual wear and outdoor adventures.

Despite it boasting a whopping 10 pockets, you won’t even see most of them, making the jacket look more like a classy full-zip hoodie rather than a high-intensity windbreaker. Style aside, what really sets the GAMMA apart is its remarkable durability, with its graphene-laced material allowing it to withstand even the wildest of elements.

How does it work?

As you might’ve guessed from their name, Wear Graphene are huge fans of the Nobel prize-winning material – and for good reason. It’s probably the strongest and most malleable material known to man, making it perfect for integrating with clothing.

Thanks to its natural thermoregulating properties and unique structure, graphene allows the jacket to evenly distribute heat throughout your body, as well as disperse heat outwards through its pores. This helps it keep you nice and snug even in sub-zero temperatures, yet relaxed and breezy in hotter weather. And if you’re looking for some additional heating power, you can connect a power bank to the jacket and crank up the heat to a toasty 60°C at the push of a button

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Final Thoughts

Whether you enjoy outdoor adventures or just love rocking a nice jacket, the GAMMA might just be the perfect all-season outerwear. It’s light, stylish, and has all the pockets you’ll ever need without flaunting them, and it’s more durable than the best the market has to offer.

Its highlight feature? Not only does it warm you up in the lowest of temperatures, but it’s also capable of cooling you down when the weather is warm. That and its exceptional durability are thanks to its graphene-infused fabric, which will likely become the future of heavy-duty clothing. It may cost you a few month’s worth of outfits, but the GAMMA seems to be the one jacket to rule them all.


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