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Get These Free RPGs In The Epic Game Store This Week

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With the Game Awards wrapped up, it doesn’t mean that there’s no reason to get excited this holiday season. Epic Games has just revealed its two RPGs that it’s giving away courtesy of developers from Obsidian Entertainment. 

This is the studio that brought you games such as The Outer Lands and Grounded which was also nominated in this week’s Game Awards for Innovation In Accessibility. Here are the games that you can pick up for free until December 18.

Pillars of Eternity: Definitive Edition

Explore a vast world of Eora as you go on a fantasy adventure and team up with your own band of companions that you find along the way. Fight your way through monster-infested dungeons to uncover lost treasures and ancient mysteries.

You can play as any one of the six races as well as customizing your appearance and create your own story depending on your choices which could lead you to either rewards or consequences.

If you’re into the nostalgic style of RPG, then this title is for you. The feel of the game just reminds you of how the early Diablo days looked like. The Definitive Edition also includes The White March expansion chapters.

Tyranny Gold Edition

Another popular RPG is up for grabs as Tyranny gives you the ultimate experience as this edition includes the base game as well as all additional DLC. Explore the vast world of Tyranny while also getting the Bastard’s Wound and Tales from the Tiers along with the base game.

Although both of these games are similar to one another since it’s from the same developer, it looks like the game’s interface looks a bit clunky due to a lot of things you need to digest. While Pillars of Eternity gives a cleaner look as far as the interface is concerned, you might get a bit overwhelmed with Tyranny.

However, what you can expect from both of these games is the immersive dialogues that you’ll have to take in both of these RPGs. You can add these freebies to your game collection even if you don’t plan on playing them yet in the Epic Game Store.


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