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Gocycle Drops e-Bike Prices from $6699.40 AUD to $5,582.68 AUD

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Article Summary
  • Gocycle has decided to slash prices for its e-bike by almost $1,200 AUD.
  • Gocycle e-bikes will now cost just $5,583 AUD from their previous price of around $6,700 AUD.
  • The price slash is part of the Gocycle Showroom Partner program.

E-bikes are starting to gain traction as a convenient and cost-effective means of transportation but they do hold one huge problem, their price. Gocycle acknowledges this problem and is planning to drop the price of its e-bikes from around $6,700 AUD down to just $5,583 AUD.

With multiple countries committing to making shifts in the use of electric-powered vehicles as a substitute for fuel-powered vehicles, using e-bikes could be a convenient approach to getting around the city.

The advantage of e-bikes, aside from the fact that it is electric, is that it is easier to find parking since they are still considered bikes and can be parked as such. Parking remains a huge issue for cars and as Australia starts to urbanize, even more, finding a decent, convenient, and low-costing parking space is sometimes close to impossible.

This has driven the popularity of bikes or e-bikes as an alternative to using cars especially if you’re living in a busy city with traffic just around the corner. One deterrent of e-bikes, however, is that it still costs quite a lot and most of the time, the average consumer just can’t afford them.

Gocycle Slashes Prices of its e-Bikes by Almost $1,200 AUD

Gocycle has decided to nick almost $1,200 AUD off its e-bikes in order to make them more accessible for the regular consumer. Although a chunk has been taken off, however, these bikes still remain a premium product at a price point of over $5,500 AUD.

Although one could argue that e-bikes have to be affordable for all, the company still needs to be profitable and sell their bikes at a price that helps support the business. Gocycle, however, has significantly lowered its price points to make e-bikes more affordable for its customers.

The company said that this price adjustment was done in order for customers to get more value for what they pay for. This move was initiated by the company’s Gocycle Showroom Partner (GSP) program.

Gocycle Founder Says They Want to Reach a Wider Consumer Base

As per Richard Thorpe, the designer and founder of Gocycle, they have decided to change their price levels to a more competitive point in order for them to be widely more accessible to a much “wider consumer and retailer base.”

The company, however, is doing this despite supply chain issues that have affected the inventory of their e-bikes. Like other companies, supply chain issues have had an effect on how much product they are able to produce due to technology’s reliance on chips, especially on semiconductors.

E-bikes, like any other vehicle, rely on certain parts to make. Supply chain issues have resulted in customers receiving delayed deliveries, like with Tesla, and this is expected to continue until the situation improves.


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