Have Long And Relaxing Nights Once Again With A Few Tweaks

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Everyone is well aware of the importance of good sleep for a healthy mind and body. A regular good night’s sleep makes your body healthy and improves the quality of your life.

Every phase of sleep has great importance as it affects brain health and its development. There are about five stages or phases of sleep. Out of which one is REM that stands for rapid eye movement. The other four phases are collectively known as non-REM or NREM sleep.

As the name indicates, REM sleep that is usually the first 90 minutes of sleep involves rapid movement of the eyes. This phase is important in retaining memories, learning and affects our mood as well.

A lack of sufficient REM sleep can result in psychological disturbances. For instance, it causes aggression, anxiety, lack of memory, bad mood, and difficulty in concentration. Whole-brain health and function are affected in this way. Thus you feel tired and frustrated every morning.

Reasons Of Interrupted REM Sleep

We always hear that prevention is better than the cure. We can prevent and avoid something if we know its root cause.

  • Certain studies show that excessive alcohol intake especially in the evening has a great impact on sleep. Alcohol not only reduces the overall REM sleep time but also delays its onset. For that, you should avoid taking too much alcohol or simply skip near bedtime.
  • Nicotine is another causative agent of reduced REM sleep. It is a psychoactive agent present in tobacco and also a CNS stimulant drug. Nicotine activates the brain and freshens it so sleep onset is delayed.
  • Studies show that people who have an active lifestyle have extended and improved REM sleep. Conversely, lack of physical activity and exercise result in interrupted sleep cycles.
  • Emotional stress, tension, and depression are some other factors that disturb overall sleep duration and quality.

Ways To Extend REM Sleep

There are significant CNS benefits of REM sleep. That includes memory retention, central nervous system (CNS) development, and improved learning capabilities.

Take a look at the given below natural ways of enhancing your overall sleep quality in a special context to REM sleep:

Exercise Regularly

Increased physical activity or regular exercise can enhance the time and the quality of your sleep. Research has shown that exercise once a day can not make a difference in your sleep quality. So you should add 20 to 3o minutes of daily workout to your routine.

Do what you enjoy the most. There are a lot of options like walking, jogging, yoga, swimming, or some light workout. But take care of one thing, don’t do any of this activity before bedtime. Take a break from all physical activities at least 3 hours before sleeping.

Consistent Sleep & Wake Time

Schedule your sleep and wake time and try to follow it as a part of the routine. When you go to bed at the same time every day, it becomes your habit. Thus you can easily fall asleep without wasting much time with open eyes waiting for sleep.

Try to avoid watching late-night movies and plays. Stop using mobile phones or other electronic devices before getting to bed. Avoiding irregular daytime naps can also help go to bed early.

Less Blue Light Exposure In Evening

Increase the exposure to daylight to make your mind fresh and active. But using excess light at night can make your mind assume that it’s daytime. This is because the release of melatonin is reduced, which is known as a relaxing or sleep hormone.

There are various ways by which you can reduce blue light exposure time at night. Firstly, avoid using smartphones and other electronic devices for at least 2 hours going to bed. You can also improve your REM sleep by wearing glasses that can block blue light. These are specially designed to eliminate all the harmful light frequencies, that can delay your sleep onset.

Avoid Stress

Stress is damaging not only for your life but also for your health including your sleep cycle. If you are depressed, you can not find enough time to relax. Sleep quality and time both are affected. So, try to avoid stress to sleep longer, and relaxed.

Keep A Check On Your Beverage Intake

You should not drink water or any other liquid before going to bed. Tea or coffee contains a considerable amount of caffeine that is a CNS stimulant and elevates your energy level. So, it’s better to reduce the intake of alcohol and other beverages at night.

Good sleep is as important as a healthy diet and exercise. It can affect your overall fitness and life quality. REM sleep insufficiency directly affects our brain health and mental capabilities. You can take help from the above-mentioned tweaks to better your sleep routine and get fresh and rejuvenated mornings.


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