Helpful Solutions To Change The Background Of Your Photos

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Sometimes we take great photos and find out they aren’t as good as they seem, probably because of the background; most especially if it’s a background we don’t like. And sometimes we would love to just change or edit the background out of the picture – Well, the good news is that this can be done with most, if not all of your photos. 

More so, it’s a sad thing to often have a bad background in your image that can’t be ignored, the background of an image is a key part to what makes an image wonderfully beautiful – they can break or make an image, or even determine the beauty of an image. Nice backgrounds in photographs can determine if a photograph can be exceptional.

Backgrounds set the stage, lead the viewer and change the context of images. Even more, a very busy and distracting background can overwhelm an image, thus ruining a good image’s composition.

You Can Change The Background Of Your Images Using Photoshop

Sure you can do this through Photoshop – a popular photo editing app used by professionals. The photography gurus at Parker Photographic insist that there are several photo-editing applications you can use in removing the background of an image including Photoshop, which leads the pack.

Load Picture Into Photoshop

Open the Photoshop application, then select the image; you wish to remove the background, and in turn, load it into the program window. Thereafter, you can click the lock icon on the right-hand side to unlock the image.

Select The Background Of The Image

Going forward, all you have to do is select the background of the picture, then move the cursor to the left sidebar, then select a quick selection tool; click the area you plan on selecting – invert the selection by tapping the buttons: Ctrl + shift + I.

Adjust Details Of The Image

Zoom in on the image to adjust the details – you should select the small areas which you plan on removing after zooming in on the image; then remove the area you don’t want.

Create A Pure Color Background

You can create a pure background layer in photoshop; drag the new layer you created to the original photo. Navigate to the sidebar, then move the layer below the original picture – you’ll notice there are many areas you need to clear.

Clear the Area In The Image You Don’t Need

Zoom in on the picture, clear the area you don’t need – you could delete the pure colour layer; right-click the layer, and delete.

Another Way You Can Change The Background Of Your Images Is By Using Fotophire

Going forward you’ll learn another way to replace the background image in your picture; but this time you use a different photo editor that’s not photoshop – Fotophire:

If you’re searching for an easy-to-use background changer and editor, then you can try Fotophire – it’s the right choice for you. You can use the photo editor to remove the background of a picture, with just simple clicks. Going forward, when you use Fotophire photo editor you can choose from several background templates to add to your image after deleting the original background. Here are steps you should follow if you want to use Fotophire to change the background of your image:

Load The Photo from Your Computer to Fotophire

Start the Wonder share Fotophire application on your PC, after you’ve installed it, you’ll see the main interface of the toolkit, then choose photo clutter, click open to add the picture from your computer file.

Change the Background of Your Photo

If you haven’t used Fotophire before, you can go through the guide on how to use the application well enough thereafter you can draw lines on the background image, when you do this, the application will make the background transparent.

Add A Background Image to Your Photo

After the background is made transparently, you can then add a photo of your choice by clicking Photomontage – this section is on the right side of the program window. Furthermore, you can add any background of your choice, either by selecting a template you might like or using any personal background image you have on your computer’s photo files.

Save Changes You Made.

After changing the background of your picture, save the picture to your computer; all you need to do is click the save button and select a folder you would like to save the image.

You can add another background image of your choice, unlock the picture, then adjust the size of the picture to make it rhyme with the original. Drag the original picture – after removing the background, then drag the new background image under the original image, then adjust the details.

It is a simple operation, and now that you’ve mastered the way of handling your pics’ background, you can start making plans for the first public exhibition of your photos.


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