Here’s How Apple TV Has Quietly Become a Robust Digital Signage Solution

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Apple TV is a streaming media player. It is able to take content from the internet and stream it on your TV, your monitor, or your digital sign. This is why the Apple TV system is becoming popular with modern digital sign users. It provides an easier way to put content on their digital signs.

The PC Tower and Other Apple Products

Let’s say that you want to run several of your digital signs, each with their own content and each having different schedules for when the content changes. To do this, you would need to set up your digital signs, then connect them via wires to your PC tower. You would then need your KitCast software to run the content through the wires and on the TVs.

There are other Apple products that perform this same task but that do it in an easier way. Such as with the Apple Mac Mini that works like a computer tower but is small and can be placed in the same location as the digital signs.

Going The Wireless Route

The other way to run your digital signs is to buy signs that allow wireless connections. You then need to connect them to a central hub, and either run the signals from your computer or have them hosted online and have the digital signs run from the signals it receives from the Internet.

Another way is to connect your digital signs (through wires or wirelessly) to a streaming device and then stream your content to each of the digital signs. In essence, that is what the Apple TV device enables. It allows them to create their content with their KitCast Apple TV software, and then stream it onto their digital signs. This allows people to set up schedules and run very dynamic digital signs that can change depending on the variety of settings the KitCast system allows.

What is So Great About the Apple TV?

The Apple TV has 4K models that support 4K Ultra HD and HDR video. The regular Apple TV HD supports 1080p HD. If you buy the 4K versions, you also get some higher-end tech specs for your wireless and Ethernet options.

Each Apple TV streaming device you buy allows you access to the dedicated app store. If you use it as a TV app, it provides you with success search capabilities across multiple apps. It has Siri voice recognition for when you are searching, and you can get a remote that has a touchpad for selections via swiping. You can even use Bluetooth and a motion controller for various types of video games. It also works with third-party controllers if you are trying to use it as a streaming-gaming system. You can also use Apple AirPods and AirPod Pro headphones with the Apple TV.

It is More Convenient

The slew of features are good selling points, but the fact is that the Apple TV streaming device is a convenient and fairly efficient solution for people who have numerous digital signs in one location. It offers enough flexibility for people to host fairly sophisticated digital signs, and there are very little learning and training involved for people who are already comfortable using Apple products.

The hardware is known as robust because it allows third-party apps on it like the KitCast app, which means people can design and program their digital sign and their schedules, and then use the Apple TV streaming hardware to run their designs on their digital signs as per the schedules they set up. Leaving the streaming device running all day to power your digital signs doesn’t feel as wasteful as running a full PC tower all day.


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