Home Automation: Perks and Perils You Need to Know About

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Technology is getting better day by day. Today, we live in a technologically advanced society and it is improving at a rate of knots.

Home automation is the latest trend people are talking about. It’s a combination of smart devices arranged in such a fashion that offers convenience and saves time.

Turn on the music with voice commands or dim the lights with a finger tap on your mobile app. The possibilities in home automation are growing, and so are the risks.

In this article, we will discuss various ways of implementing home automation and identify the associated risks before they become a problem.

Choosing your smart devices

There are endless ways to automate your home, but choosing the right gadget is important. What works for your neighbour next door might not be useful for you. Choose a smart device for the value add to your life and not for some gimmicky feature and bragging rights.

There are smart devices for every budget and lifestyle. All you have to do is sift through options and choose a device that should solve a problem, save your time or offer convenience.

Here’s a compilation of some common smart devices and how they can benefit you.

Smart Lighting

For starters, a smart bulb is an affordable addition to their home automation. For $15 to 20$, you can buy a smart light bulb for your bedroom, garage or living room. Hook it up with your mobile app, and turn it on and off or dim the illumination with a tap of a finger. No more locating the light switch in the dark or leaving your bed to hit the switch.

Smart Speaker

The smart speaker has initiated the Internet of Things frenzy and is being widely used in households across the globe. As you may already know, a smart speaker takes voice commands to play music, set timers and much more. For $50-60, you can buy a basic smart speaker that will pair with other smart devices to automate your home. For example, pair it with a smart access control system to lock and unlock your front door.

Smart Doorbell

A smart doorbell has an integrated camera that streams live footage on your smartphone or tablet. It also has an integrated speaker and microphone that allows you to speak to your visitors in order to confirm their identity. Pair it with the smart lock, and you can even buzz your visitors in with a finger tap.

Choosing your home automation platform

If you plan to buy multiple smart devices, you may want to invest in a home automation platform. This platform will act as a hub for all your interconnected smart devices and make sure they work in tandem with each other to streamline your everyday routine. You don’t necessarily have to buy a physical hub since several cloud-based options are available on the market.

Drawbacks of home automation

While technology is booming at a great speed, it is important to take a holistic view of the effects that it is creating. We discussed various smart devices and their benefits, and now let’s look at certain setbacks that nobody is talking about.


Home automation is essentially a cluster of smart devices interconnected through the Internet. If the hacker manages to break into your Wi-Fi network, they can control everything from the smart doorbell to the smart lock and lights.


Smart devices are a bit expensive to start with. They consume electricity and the Internet, adding more to their operating overheads. You might want to compare gas and electricity rates in your region and switch to a cheaper energy provider in order to offset the increased operating costs because of home automation.


Technology can be a boon or bane, depending on how you use it. While home automation can offer an added layer of security and convenience, it might create certain loopholes that could be used against you.


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