The HotDive not only gives you the chance to take professional-calibre photos underwater, but it also makes sure you remain as safe as possible while doing it.

Love scuba diving but can’t afford the pricey equipment you need to film your underwater adventures? HotDive is an all-in-one smart diving kit that combines all the gear you’d need to take professional underwater photos into one convenient and affordable package. You no longer have to save up for an expensive dive computer, fill light, and underwater camera since the HotDive turns your smartphone into all three.


HotDive Features & Specs

Not only does its powerful fill light ensure that you always have as much light as you need for that perfect snapshot, but the Hot-Dive Pro variant’s built-in dive computer ensures that you’re always reminded to stay safe thanks to its compass, depth sensor, dive time, and ascending rate features, as well as the alert configurations that can be set by the user. Dive safe and share your adventures with the world.

Smartphone compatibility

HotDive works with pretty much any iOS or Android smartphone that’s smaller than 168 x 84 mm in size, as long as it doesn’t feature a pop-up camera.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max/12Pro/12/SE/11/XR/X/etc.
Samsung Galaxy Z

Galaxy S

Galaxy Note

Galaxy  A

S20/S10/W21/Fold2/Note20/Note20 Ultra/Note10/Flip/Fold/Fold2/A71/etc.
Huawei Mate/Note 40/40 Pro/40 Pro+/30/30 Pro/7/7 Pro/7SE/etc.
Google Pixel 5/4a/4/etc.
LG V/G/K/Q 40/7/11/6+/30+/etc.


  • American CREE LED lights with 130°illuminance, 5800-6500K colour temperature, and 800 Lumens of light intensity.
  • Built-in dive computer features a Nordic Semiconductor ultra-low power consumption (ULP) wireless chip and a Swiss TE MS5083 depth sensor for real-time depth and ascent speed monitoring, as well as the ability to issue warnings.
  • 1-Click Switch allows you to take photos or videos, switch between rear and front cameras, and preview your shots with just one simple click.
  • Scuba Diving Mode (HotDive Pro only):  shows real-time depth, maximum depth,  current temperature, and current diving time. It also allows you to set a maximum depth vibration reminder, maximum diving time vibration reminder, and vibration reminder when the ascent speed is too fast.
  • Freediving mode (HotDive Pro only): Allows you to set 5 different depth vibration and surface time vibration reminders.

What’s in the box?

  • HotDive Bag
  • Smar Universal Waterproof Case
  • Type-C Charging cable
  • Sealing Ring Lubricant
  • Anti-loss Wrist Strap
  • Soft Wipe Cloth


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