How Apple Users Can Protect Their MacBook’s Using These 5 Tips

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Creative professionals always favor MacBook over a windows pc. The same case was in 2020, and now in 2021 too. Businesses are equipping their employees with a MacBook thanks to its innovative design and simple operations. Another thing that people like about this device is its OS and high level of security.

As most people are using Mac for work, it is attracting the attention of hackers and cybercriminals. They want to hack your device to get access to your valuable data. It is a shiny and powerful device that everybody wants, including hackers and thieves. Keep in mind that your device holds your world: music, photos, videos, work files, and a lot of other stuff. This data is very important to you, and hence it is important to keep it away from harm. Let’s take a look at these five tips to protect your MacBook.

5 cybersecurity tips for Apple users

Following are some important cybersecurity tips to make sure that the data in your device stay protected.

Recovery After It’s Been Stolen

You may have heard about the Find My iPhone app; it allows apple users to track down their stolen device via a website. It is a good thing, but what about a MacBook? Is there any app to track it?

Of course, there is some great software that helps secure your data and recover in case of theft. It would help if you had software that has BIOS level integration to ensure that you can still trace your device after wiping the hard drive. Using such software, when the device is connected to the net, it broadcasts the location without the thief even know.

Enable Mac OS Security Features

The operating system of a MacBook, known as OS X, has some great security features. The problem is that these features are not enabled by default on the device. You have to enable them manually.

First of all, you need to disable the auto-login feature. Well, it is convenient, but sometimes it is not a good idea. Suppose you have left the house and your device still on. A thief can then have access to all of your accounts.

Another great security feature is File Vault Encryption. You may have set a password on your device and thinks that hacker cannot access your data. Well, I suppose you might be wrong as a thief can plug the hard drive with any computer and can access your data. They do not need a password to see what you have on your computer. One of the best ways to prevent this is by enabling file encryption. In that case, the hacker will not access your data, even hooking it up with another computer.

You also need to enable the OS X firewall to secure your computer against hacking attacks. Once enabled, it can block all the malicious inbound connections. Any application that needs outbound connection will ask for permission. It is your choice whether to grant them a permanent or temporary connection.

Encrypt your communication

Many places have public WIFI such as a coffee shop, restaurants, and airport. We all love free Wi-Fi but do you know that someone can eavesdrop on what you are sending. Furthermore, the data you send over these public networks are not encrypted. That is why experts do not recommend sending work files or personal data over these networks.

But there is a way to ensure that the data you are sending over public networks is encrypted. You can use a Mac VPN  (Virtual Personal Network) to hide your IP. Furthermore, it encrypts the data you are sending so no cyber criminal can see it.

Install Patches and Updates

Why you receive an application and OS updates often is when the manufacturer finds a security hole or a weakness in the application. They address the issue and release a patch to fix it.

The Apple device will automatically check for an update and will install them regularly. However, some third-party software, such as Microsoft Office, has its own software update app. While some have a manual “Check for Updates” feature. You need to make sure that you install the patch as soon as it is available.

Two-Factor Authentication

2FA, for short, is a great feature to have a second layer of security. Whenever you log in to an account, it generates a random code that you need to enter and your password. It adds an extra layer of security and discourages hackers from accessing your personal data. Furthermore, these generated passwords are valid a few times.

Hence, we will encourage you to use 2FA on all of your online accounts. The process is really simple and straight-forward.


Well, MacBook is no doubt the no.1 choice for work people. Hence, users need to protect it from thieves and hackers. Small things like enabling OS X security features, installing updates, Antivirus, Firewall, etc. These 5 tips will add an extra security layer to make it difficult for hackers to access your personal data.


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