How Customer Reviews Can Affect Your SEO Campaign

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If you have a website or want to use digital marketing to drive traffic to your company, one part you should focus on more is improving your SEO strategies. This is because SEO helps any website to rank higher on search engines and reach customers without investing in paid promotions and adverts. So, it’s vital to focus on your SEO campaign to increase your online presence.

Among the many strategies that will affect your SEO campaigns are your customer reviews. You may have come across online shops or products that have ratings and reviews when browsing the Internet. Most customers use these reviews to choose products, shops, and other businesses. However, if you learn how to get clients to leave reviews on your website, it’d benefit future clients and affect your SEO campaign.

How Reviews Affect SEO

You already know that reviews affect how customers view your business, and good reviews are essential to business success. Other than that, here are some crucial ways customer reviews can affect your SEO campaigns:

1. Reviews Provide Useful User Content 

All content marketers will agree that great content is the difference-maker when it comes to SEO ranking. Moreover, businesses must consistently provide content so that search engines know that your website is active before indexing it for ranking.

However, the challenge can be producing the relevant content regularly, which risks your website being inactive. To avoid this lapse in content, you can decide to generate user-created content that includes videos, opinions, questions and answers, and advice on your services.

Besides getting fresh content from your users, search engines also show that your customers communicate with you, hence, boosting your ranking.

2. Reviews Boost Social SEO 

Most Internet users today are found on social media platforms. So, if you’re targeting to generate high traffic to your website, you should also focus on building your social SEO. This is the part where social media interactions, such as shares, comments, likes, and retweets, play in ranking a website.

Therefore, if your social media pages and posts have good reviews, more people will like, comment, and share the posts. If the posts have links attached to them, then there’ll be more click-throughs on your website; hence, search engines will start ranking it higher on their pages.

3. Get And Rank For Long-Tailed Keywords 

Conducting keyword research is crucial as it lets you know what phrases customers use to find information on search engines; however, finding the right keywords for your targeted audience could be a problem and time-consuming.

When customers leave reviews on your website and products, you can easily identify what phrases they use to express their concerns. You can then use these phrases to design your own keywords to use on your headline, URL, and meta description. These reviews can also be used to design long-tailed keywords that are more audience-specific and have little competition, hence, boosting your site’s optimization.

Customer Experiences Concept. Group of Happy People Raised up Hand to Giving a Positive Review on Speech Bubble Card. Client’s Satisfaction Surveys. Front View

4. Reviews Build Brand Authority 

Before purchasing a product, many consumers will be inclined to look at the reviews of the products. If a product has negative reviews, people will stay away from it, but more people will be willing to follow through with the links and purchase it if it has more positive reviews.

Search engines will also treat your products the same way consumers do as they’ll favour products with good reviews, thereby ranking them higher. Moreover, when people look for reviews of products, they’ll be redirected to where the reviews are, which could be on your website. Thus, you’ll increase brand authority, and so will your search ranking.

5. Visible Star Ratings Is Vital For Click-Throughs 

When people search for a particular topic on the Internet, the predominantly displayed things are the heading, URL, and meta description. However, if you want your website to outperform others and improve the chances of getting more click-throughs, you should consider utilizing rich snippets.

Rich snippets contain information, such as star ratings. However, these star ratings don’t come without reviews because, mainly, search engines depend on reliable third-party ratings to rank your engine. So, if your reviews on these third-party sites are good, then your website will get a positive rating on search engines.

Visitors are more likely to click on a link with good ratings, as they find it more trustworthy. This will have a positive impact on your SEO campaign.

Bonus Tip

Before publishing any content on your website, make sure it doesn’t match any other source’s content. If duplication is existing in your content, your SEO efforts will be greatly affected. You can face a downfall in rankings, and in the worst case, your site can get deindexed from search results.

You can overcome this problem with the help of the plagiarism checker utility that allows you to detect piracy from your content. This online tool will take a couple of seconds to cross-check your uploaded text with billions of web pages’ content stored in its databases. Even if 1% of your text has been flagged as plagiarized, you should replace it with unique words before publishing it.


Customer reviews are among the many factors that your SEO campaigns will depend on. These play a crucial part in how search engines will treat your website or products, as negatively reviewed products won’t be recommended to customers.

So, as part of your SEO campaign, you should focus on collecting reviews about your business and displaying them on all your channels. If there are negative reviews, you should take them as a challenge and improve the customer experience.


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