How Do React Native Push Notifications Help Startups?

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There was a time when SMS and emails were in trend. They were used to be the main source of digital advertisements.

But then push notifications enter into the game. The results came out to be so effective that within a short span of time it has overtaken the digital market. These days react-native push notifications for both Android and iOS mobile applications are setting a new benchmark.

They are helping businesses throughout the world to survive and grow. They are aiding startups firmly.

Let us discuss how?


  • Global reach: One of the prime aims for a business is to reach the maximum audience throughout the world. For this, there is a requirement of a source that can instantly do the task in an effective way.


React native push notifications can do this task. They are capable of reaching anyone present in any corner of the world. It doesn’t matter whether the user is having an Android platform or iOS platforms. These notifications work well for both iOS and Android mobile apps.

This means you can reach out to as much of the audience as you can in an effective way. This will help you to bring traffic to your platform without putting any hard efforts.


  • Cost-effective: Most of the small-scale businesses are struggling with the budget. This means they can’t afford high paid media advertisements or they are not in a position to hire high-paid celebrities to do a job for them.


This means they can’t create awareness of their brand.


This may be the case with those who don’t have react native push notifications by their side. But for the one that is having, the task is easy. These notifications provide you with an ability to go for digital advertising at a very low cost. It means even if you are a starter and are running low on budget you can easily afford these notifications to create brand awareness.


  • Stimulate engagement with users: For a new business, it is difficult to retain customers. There are a lot of things that are required to be considered to maintain a strong relationship with customers.


For a business or app that is new, it is difficult to maintain that level of relationship with customers. As a result, they easily lose engagement with customers. 

Here react-native push notifications can do a job for you. These notifications are automated and can be timed. This means they can help you at various touchpoints to not only retain existing customers but also bring new customers to your platform.

They can be used in the form of reminders for existing customers to pay a regular visit to your platform.


  • Track metrics: When it comes to startups, things are going on at a rapid pace. So it becomes difficult to track what is working and what not? This seems to be not so crucial but this is the point where most of the startups fail to convert early leads into success.


This is so because, by the time they realize their mistake, It’s been too late and the damage has been done. As a result, it becomes difficult to rise up.

React-native push notifications can make this task easier for you by providing metrics. They will let you know the opening rate, action taken by the user, engagement time, and so on. This will let you rectify mistakes at the earliest possible level and will prevent you from damage.


  • Improves consistency of a brand: It is all about the consistency of a brand that helps it to drive sales. It is the trust of customers in a brand that acts as a backbone. It is a clear message to the audience about your brand that matters the most.


React-native push notifications do this job for you. It alerts your customers about the last-minute deals, coupons, and other special promotions. This provides you with a valuable touchpoint.

Moreover, they carry your brand logo and tag all the time. This means you are visually targeting your users on all platforms. Thus it provides your brand, a solid recognition. Thus it dramatically increases your brand’s essential value.


  • Target the right and potential audience: One of the advantages of using these push notifications is, they request permission from a user to gain access. This access is regarding their precise location. It is demanded when a customer installs the app.


Once you get approval for that you can easily customize the consumer experience with location-based push notifications. It means an app can immediately send deals directly applicable to users in that specific region. 

It will solely be based on the time zone and depends upon the country, state, or city of the users that you want to target. This will increase the chances of sales which lead you to achieve your target easily.

Moreover, react native uses Node Package Manager (NPM) to install third-party libraries. This means the users are in control to receive push notifications and they can subscribe to some content to get notification from. 

A user can handle notifications by tapping and triggering some activity. This means they can decide whether to receive specific notifications or not. They are also having the power to opt-out. This means you need not to put extra effort or time on non-potential customers. The interested ones will do the job for you.

Conclusion: Push notifications are not new to the market, they have taken their time to evolve. Now they are mature enough to bring effective results. This is why they have become one of the top digital marketing techniques. React-Native Push Notifications are specially designed for both Android and iOS mobile applications. Their main target is to reach the audience anytime you want through mobile devices, as mobile phones are the ones that users carry with them all the time.


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