How Is Technology Changing The Life Of Graffiti Artists?

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Humans have been putting paintings on walls since the prehistoric age. The same may be said today: graffiti is definitely a part of human nature. While the graffiti scene may not be as lively and aggressive as it was in the 1970s and 1980s, the Internet has enabled street graffiti artists to reach a global audience like never before, and the increased availability of design tools has catapulted “wild style” into a new realm.

What would have happened to the Impressionists if portable paint tubes had not been invented, allowing them to paint outside? Without silk screen printing, who would have heard of Andy Warhol? For a long time, technology has provided artists with new methods to express themselves.

Nonetheless, art and technology have been more interwoven than ever before in the last several decades, whether it’s through new methods to blend different sorts of material, allowing greater human involvement, or simply making the process of generating it easier.

How has Technology Affected Art?

Every year, technology advances. More and more technologies are being developed to assist individuals in doing their daily activities. Other sectors, such as the arts, are influenced as technology advances.

Technology has had a significant influence on the arts. It has provided graffiti artists with several chances and increased the variety of techniques available to them .It is now possible for art lovers to get the graffiti artists for hire at Book an Artist and that has become possible just because of the technology. In addition, Artists may now paint on an iPad in the same way they do with a paintbrush and paint on canvas.

Graphic design, computer-generated art, photoshop, digitally made music, e-books, 3D printing – to mention a few! We are provided with so much information and so many new skills thanks to technology. Technology has unquestionably influenced art in a variety of mediums. Art Thou is a website that explains how art has adapted to technology in various ways. Techniques like video software and digital colors are a long cry from traditional paintbrushes and charcoal tools.


Let’s start with lasers, which are used in a lot of digital art. “Assemble,” one of the most popular exhibitions at the London event, encourages people to build light structures and floor drawings by moving through colorful laser beams and fog. The majority of individuals prefer to work alone, yet the forms they create are more delicate. If a person nearby bumps into their construction, for example, it will most certainly crumble. However, individuals who cooperate with others—even if it’s just by holding hands—discover that the light structures they develop are more durable and complex.

Petting zoo arts

Another popular attraction at “Digital Revolution” is the “Petting Zoo.” You get to snuggle up to snake-like tubes dangling from the ceiling instead of caressing adorable goats and fuzzy rabbits. Doesn’t it seem like a good time? But wait, they are highly sensitive tubes that bend, move, and change color in response to your emotions, noises, and touch. If they detect a huge group approaching, they may withdraw sheepishly or become all cuddly if you’re friendly. They may become bored if you simply stand there.

Projection-Mapping and Augmenting Reality

Murals combined with augmented reality have been a popular way for street art to mix with technology and expand visual experiences online, influencing advertising and digital media trends.

Gif-iti is animated internet artwork that only exists in the actual world for a short time. Murals are painted, photographed, and redone over and over again. Visitors to his works may use the GIF-ITI Viewer App to see slices of endless un-reality, as the graffiti artist describes it. The augmented reality interactive murals may be seen online or in-person in cities such as Toronto, Paris, Miami, and Los Angeles.


Street art and technology are continuing to grow and entwine, expanding into new areas of design and attracting new audiences. Consider if a piece of graffiti is just street art or includes a digital component that has yet to be experienced and found the next time you pass it. Street artists are using technology to discover new venues for their creativity, combining analog and digital elements inside cityscapes and generating communal experiences. It goes beyond creating for every screen size to designing for any canvas!


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