How Much Does an SSL Certificate Cost?

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Google Chrome has become the most trustworthy browser globally due to the security warning it displays when visitors try to visit unsecured sites. For example, chrome warnings like “Not Secure” are displayed instantly when visitors try to visit HTTP (hyper-text transfer protocol) sites.

Apart from Chrome, other browsers like Firefox, Edge, etc., also aim to provide a secured environment to its users, and hence, they also display similar warnings.

Browsers usually connect to HTTP or HTTPS (hyper-text transfer protocol secure) sites.

In HTTP sites, data entered remains in plain text and hence can be compromised by anyone. Unlike HTTP sites, the data is encrypted in HTTPS sites and becomes unreadable, so the same can’t be compromised.

Question: How to get HTTPS security for your website?

Answer: Install an SSL certificate on your website.

What are SSL and SSL Certificates?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates are digital security certificates that use encryption security to secure your website data. All the data-in-transit between browser and server is routed via an encryption tunnel for securing data.

The sender uses the encryption key to encrypt the message. The same can be decoded by the decryption key, which lies with the receiver.

Encryption converts the plain text into ciphertext, making it look like a scrambled word.


Plain Text: CheapSSLShop is the best for SSL certificates.

Cipher Text: 7sde8eou^dfdje78

SSL certificates are minute data files that digitally bind the organization’s details with a cryptographic key. When this digital certificate is installed on a website, its trust symbols like HTTPS in the address bar and a padlock in the URL are displayed, which assures visitors about the website security.

Functions of SSL:

  • SSL certificates encrypt and authenticate the data communicated between the browser and the server.
  • This digital certificate also arbitrates the exchange of private keys securely for the generation of the session key.
  • It protects and secures the transactions and website information from hackers.
  • Its presence validates and authenticates the website.

How Much Does SSL Cost?

Multiple types of SSL certificates are available in the market. The prices vary as per the securities offered by the SSL certificates. Depending on your budget and security requirements, you can choose the SSL certificate for your website.

Just like SSL certificates, multiple SSL certificate providers offer various brands of SSL certificates.

CheapSSLShop is a cheap SSL certificate provider, which offers many global brands at enticing rates.

There are ample reasons which make this service provider the first choice for purchasing web securities.

  • Enticing Rates
  • Awesome 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • Money-back offers and Warranties
  • Site Seal and Unlimited Re-issuances

Let’s check out how the prices waiver as per the SSL validations selected and how much an SSL certificate costs you.

Types of SSL Validations (DV, OV, EV):

SSL certificates come in 3 different validations. They are:

  • Domain Validation (DV)
  • Organisation Validation (OV)
  • Extended Validation (EV)

These validations provide different assurance levels but the same level of encryption. Their costs vary depending on the brand, type, and validation of the SSL certificate selected by the company.

SSL certificates are issued by Certificate Authority (CA’s). They verify the authenticity of the website domain and the organization’s authenticity depending on the type of validation selected by your company.

1. Domain Validation (DV) SSL:

These are the most primary and entry-level certificates, whose quick issuance (few minutes) attracts many individual websites, bloggers, and small businesses.

CA’s verify the ownership of the domain name and checks the same in the listing of WHOIS records before issuing this certificate. It provides robust 256-bit encryption and instantly secures the main domain of your website. It’s cost-effective, too, since no other verifications are required. Generally, DV SSL Certificates starts from $5.00/year.

2. Organisation Validation (OV) SSL:

Mostly similar to DV SSL certificates, OV SSL certificates also display the same trust icons and give the same encryption security as stated above. But these certificates are costly compared to DV SSL since the CA verifies the physical address and location of the company, contact number, domain name, and the legitimacy of the company before issuance of this SSL certificate.

Small and medium-sized businesses prefer OV SSL certificates. OV SSL Certificates starts from $60.00/year.

3. Extended Validation (EV) SSL:

Providing the highest level of validation and authenticity, EV SSL certificates are loved by large corporate and financial institutions for ensuring data privacy.

Eliminating the suspicion of approaching a phishing website for customers, these SSL certificates come with a stringent verification process and high warranties in case of contingencies.

Verifying the website owner’s identity is an added security factor that provides the ultimate level of trust in EV SSL certificates. EV SSL Certificates starts from $49.00/year.

Types of SSL (Single, Wildcard, Multi-domain):


1. Single Domain SSL Certificate:

This SSL certificate simply secures a single chosen domain of your website.

2. Wildcard SSL Certificate:

This SSL certificate secures the main domain and unlimited 1st level subdomains on the same or different servers. An “*” is added before the domain name for securing first-level sub-domains.


Domain Name: *


3. Multi-Domain SSL Certificate:

This SSL certificate secures chosen multiple domains and multiple sub-domains of all levels and on various servers.


Domain Name:,


Advantages of SSL Certificates:


  • It secures the data transmitted between the client and the website with encryption, which is coded and non-readable.
  • Its presence eliminates the “Not Secure” warning displayed by browsers.
  • SSL certificates portray website authentication to all the concerned parties, i.e., browsers, servers, and visitors.
  • Its trust icons (HTTPS and padlock) display the image of an authentic website to users, thus attracting more traffic and conversions.
  • Installation of SSL certificates on your website helps in gaining a better SEO rank.

Final Words:

I hope the article gives you a fair idea about the SSL security options available and the cost of SSL certificate security for your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your SSL certificate now and secure your digital world.


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