How Technology Has Changed Travel For The Better

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This is 2019! The world is on your hand guys, it is just moving accord to the instructions of your finger. We the living creatures of this techno world have become so modest and fast that we want everything to be done perfectly and instantly. In short today we have become so much depended on Technology that now we eat, travel laugh, cry and do almost all kind of work with its help. Yes, it’s true, you must be thinking about how that can be possible?

So, let me just define you that we are eating, travelling, laughing and crying with its help. With the advancement which is not less than as a god’s blessings to us we are able r order our favourite food at any time from favourite restaurants at any place, today we are entertaining ourselves by the help of this technology, not just that today people are making money like hell by taking advantage of this technology. This modern era has come up with thousands of advancements in technology and in people’s living style as well, and have given new trends in the form of mobile applications that have made our tasks as easy that they can be now done by just one click or even touch.

From all those smart mobile applications today, one is being used very commonly, and that are applications for travelling. That is being used for both kind of travelling, domestic and international. Today every child is aware by the term of location intelligence and E- =booking of tickets. This is not just easy but secure as well. Yes! Today we are blessed that travelling has become just like a game which just requires a network con nection, a smartphone, and the last thing just some basic steps for booking your travel, that is it, and you are all set to go where ever you want.

Who does not love to travel? According to a report by “World tourism organization”, it is estimated that by 2030 a global population of 8.5 billion people will take approximately 2 billion international trips. People love to travel and they love easy travelling, so lets just come and see that in which forms technology has really made travelling easy for us.

Less Time-consuming

You have the span of control in your palm, travelling was never as much easier as it is now. Just with the instructions of yours and by your finger’s touch you are able to book ride for domestic travel or do you have any plan for travelling internationally it is just one click/touch away.

There is no need for going to the airport, no need for driving a car or finding any taxi for going to the airport for booking your tickets. You can book your tickets at your home online by E-booking system for any destination that you have planned.

Research And Find The Best Travel Destination

Don’t hassle up yourself by taking advice from different people about the best destination to go for vacations, Different opinions given by different people just create a mess! Which will make you confuse.

Feel lucky because you have Google and other search engines, so just make a very little research about the best travelling destination and find the results and just choose the destination where you want to spend your time.

Effort less and cost-saving

Gone are the days when we were supposed to give bulky amounts to travel agents, and people used to waste their precious time for finding a good and economical hotel and for its reservations. Today thousands of apps are available by which we can reserve a hotel room by your own choice.

Technology Has Killed The Language Barrier

It is quite obvious that people can travel in such a country where he/she may not find his language’s mark. So, in that case, what to be done? Well, there is no need to worry about such a situation because you have your problem solver with you.

With the support of Google translator or by different apps, there is no need to struggle for a while in understanding that what is written. You can easily translate that phrase or words in your own language and can understand the meanings, and can enjoy your vacations without any hurdle.

Pay Smartly

One of the most common fears that can be found in every individual who is going for travelling is Who we will carry a bulk amount of cash with yourself? It is quite obvious that you are going to another country this will require a handsome amount of cash with you. This might be very risky.

But now everything is just so easier, by smart cards, apps or electronic payment system pay your bill without any tension and be fearless by carrying plastic money with you.

No Need To Hire A Guide

With the help of location intelligence system installed in your smartphones and with the help of Google and different apps you may find the visit-worthy, famous and beautiful places of the city, you can take advice for sightseeing the city from your these smart friends come guider who are with you.

Have Work? Take It With You

What? Your boss has approved your vacations but has assigned you some work, which you have to deliver during your vacations? So, you were fully prepared for your travelling but now your boss has assigned a new project.

Thanks to dear technology that today we have hotspots, mobile data, phone and network connections that we can now work and can deliver our work on time if we ever face this sort of situation.

Stay Connected Every Second

Stay connected, give updates for each and everything to your family and to all who are worried about you. Because you are new in a different country. You can also give the latest minute to minute updates to your loved ones by sharing your pictures, status, or even by making a video call you can even show them some of the places where you are.

Always Keep On The Right Path

Navigate yourself with the help of Google maps and other navigation apps and find the right track for you and be on that always, With this technology we are free from this tension that we might can lose somewhere, so navigate rightly with a handy friend who will always keep up on a right path.

Capture Moments in Your Smart Devices and Share

Yes! Click all the watch worthy place, capture every moment of joy and relaxation in your smart devices, take photos, make videos share them instantly with others. Save your money because you are not bounded to hire any professional photographer, no need for paying heavy amount for just clicking photos.

Awesome devices with amazing results are available, just take them with you and click like a pro your every single moment of travelling.


So, these were some ways by which travelling has become very easier. If you are planning to travel anywhere just remember these points in your mind and try to keep such smart devices with you which will help you out in many ways during your travelling, so that you can have a wonderful, enjoyable and smooth and easy travelling.


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