How to choose a WYSIWYG editor?

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The availability of open-source collaborative tools makes teamwork much easier than in the past. However, some of them, like the content editor, are worth investing in. How to choose the WYSIWYG HTML editor suitable for collaborative work?

With the increasing popularity of remote work, digital tools are more in demand than ever. They facilitate day-to-day work planning and make it easier to keep the effectiveness at a high level. 

The companies approach the issue of tools in different ways. Some decide to take advantage of the widely available free tools, like an open source WYSIWYG editor or a project management platform, to make teamwork easier without spending a lot of money. It’s common for young startups to take this path due to a tight budget, but the larger enterprises actually choose the same more often than you’d think. 

Aside from being free, these tools usually don’t have many other advantages. Most of them are reduced versions of the extended software, with most valuable features locked, aside from rich text editing capabilities and markdown support. You can only access them after subscribing. That’s why most companies switch to the SaaS model sooner or later, noticing potential benefits.

WYSIWYG rich text editor – what features should it have? 

WYSIWYG editors can be applied to different types of software. The “what you see is what you get” model finds its application in the design software, AutoCAD, or online website builders that became a popular alternative to development services. WYSIWYG editor is also a part of many popular CMSs. You can include it in your own content management platform and other web applications to facilitate content editing and teamwork. 

For the second purpose, your WYSIWYG HTML editor should have all the features that improve the efficiency of online collaboration. That is, for instance:

  • comment and suggestion mode
  • track changes
  • real-time caret position
  • real-time selection
  • user presence list 

With a WYSIWYG rich text editor, you’ll be able to format the content, insert objects, links, videos, PDF, or templates, preview articles, insert tables and create responsive images. Everything without any programming skills!

How to make your WYSIWYG editor as usable as possible?

If your goal is the effectiveness increase, make sure to choose a provider open to feature requests. Removing features that you don’t need and adding handy ones will increase the usability of the software. If you plan to add your own extensions, it’s better to choose a completely customizable modern web editor with a modular architecture. It facilitates introducing changes at a fast pace.


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