How to do the transfer in Build Operate Transfer (BOT) model?

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The Build-Operate-Transfer model is gaining tremendous popularity of late in the offshore business services industry. It helps clients to keep the project in an incubation state until it reaches a final conclusion in order to be handed over as a finished work. In the field of IT, this model is usually used to create a team or part of a team of an individual project or branch of a company. The Software BOT model is more about business arrangement and agreement related to a software development company building the software (project), operating it and eventually transferring it to the client as per the stipulated time finalized at the initiation stage. The BOT model is popularly used in IT firms where off-shoring a project can save a considerable amount of money for the company.

Table of Content

    • Transfer Process
    • Benefits of BOT model
    • Conclusion

Transfer Process

This is the final phase of a BOT model where the ownership of the project is transferred to the client who commissioned the project. The project can be transferred to the client once it has fully commenced or the stipulated time frame is over. Ownership of the project can also be transferred when the client is ready to overtake the full control of the project. The transfer usually includes transfer of all the vital information, assets, legal and operation information. Some crucial testing (manual and automated) of the software made is also carried out before the transfer process so that the client doesn’t face any issues later on.

Benefits of BOT model

One of the biggest benefits of a BOT model is the impact on saving the costs.  The company commissioning the project doesn’t have to worry about hiring the manpower, buying equipment or investing in infrastructure. It is estimated that a typical off-shoring BOT process saves up to 60% on the normal cost (if done in-house). This also helps the company to make use of the skills of the team working on the project without wasting time in hiring custom employees for that particular project. Off-shoring such a project can drastically reduce the setup and turn-around time.

Choosing the right service providing partner will help with all these benefits. In the past, a limited number of quality service providers, limited communication channels and fear of losing control of the project were the major challenges for a BOT business model. By ensuring realistic turn-around time, experienced workforce and meaningful communication a project can enjoy a multitude of benefits. All these refined ideologies along with the massive cost benefits make the BOT model the favourite approach for 100s of software companies. With the help of the BOT model, there are multiple benefits to enjoy for long term projects which involve a lot of cost and time setting up. With its help, one can actually start looking ahead at the endpoint before the actual start of the project.


BOT model helps companies realize the full potential of their outsourcing partners as well as their software. Proper planning keeps the business operations running smoothly and the out-source partner feels like an in-house team or an extension of the existing team.

Saigon Technology can assist you in ways through which you can focus on developing and enhancing the core business ideas. As an outsourced partner, we can assist in supervising the operations, development and delivery of the project. Thus, making sure that all the right steps are taken before the transfer phase of the BOT model is commenced.


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